Kuyt class Spider Tank

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Infantry Support Walker
Tech Level TL–11
Mass 1 dton
Cost Cr697,165.5375
Mode Ground (Legged)
Type Main Battle Tank
Speed maximum road 179kph
off road 107.4kph
Cargo None
Crew 2 Driver/Gunner, Commander/Gunner
Passengers 0
Armament HMG
4cm RAM GL
4 MW Beam Laser
4x TAC missile racks

The Kuyt class Spider Tank is a Spider Tank.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Kuyt Spider Tank TL–11: Designed and manufactured by Holt Industries and serving with the Kuyt Bureau For Protective Affairs, this misnomered six legged walker is used in urban areas in support of army companies native to Kuyt (world) on the exotic Distant Fringe. Displacing a single ton, they are cramped for the two man army crew, who have their hands full multi-tasking in the hectic battle space. They are redeployed for tactical mobility by the system's smallest naval vessels. They can be carried in a special cradle wedged into the tiny cargo bay of the system's three working Ice Pick class Patrol Skiffs. There are four distinct weapon systems and only two can be effectively employed at the same time.

Image Repository[edit]

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General Description & Deck Plans[edit]

Infantry Support Walker, TL-11: The "Spider Tank" is handicapped by its suspension. The 4.2m³ volume of the six legs and transmission yield a catastrophically high ground pressure which cripple the off road mobility. At 17.677892 tons/m2, it will automatically get bogged down and stuck in deep snow, sand, soft ground or mud. For this reason it is deployed and excels in built up urban areas and the tunnel complexes of its home world. They are small enough to hide among buildings and stalk enemy forces street by street on firmer footing. The vehicle is sealed, and are fitted with life support. The second area for concern is the beam laser draws 80% of the vehicle's power, with the laser powered the vehicle slows to a crawl. For this reason they often stop moving to fire the laser.

The vehicle has a crew of two (driver/gunner and commander/gunner) and mounts a 4 MW Beam Laser in a fully stabilized remote mount on the chassis deck.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Army and IISS Universal Vehicle Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (...of ten subcraft) carried on the vehicle when applicable. Tonnage on the universal vehicle profile is shown in kilotons (...thousands of tons) where necessary.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics
#. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage Total mass loaded: TBD metric tons.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: TBD 4m wide, 3.5m tall, 10m long,
  • Total usable volume: TBD 112m³
2. Crew xTBD crew: TBD
3. Performance Movement: TBDkph
4. Electronics Equipment: TBDEPs in power
5. Hardpoints xTBD hardpoint/s
6. Armament Weapons:
7. Defenses TBD
8. SubCraft / Drones None.
9. Fuel Fuel capacity: TBD liters.
10. Cost Production Cost: CrTBD
11. Construction Time TBD months (TBD weeks).
12. Remarks TBD
13. Maintenance TBD


Height: 2m; Width: 2m; Length: 3.5m.
Total usable volume: 14m³
Total mass loaded: 37.123575 metric tons
Hull Material: Crystaliron
Armor: Chassis front 42, chassis rear and sides 34, chassis belly and deck 26.
Target Size DMs: +1 low, no high hits
Production Cost: Cr697,165.5375


The Kuyt Spider Tank has two different modes: Weapons Powered and Weapons Off.

Weapons Powered mode: Road, 75kph / 62.5cm; Cross Country, 45kph / 37.5cm.
Weapons Off mode: Road, 179kph / 149cm; Cross Country, 107.4kph/ 89.5cm.
Movement effect on fire: None


Full weapons stabilization.

Chin Mounted Remote HMG Turret[edit]

There is a HMG in a forward facing, remote weapon mount capable of covering the forward half of the vehicle's weapon arc. The HMG can engage 4 targets and has a +2 signature when it fires. There is storage for 800 rounds of belt fed ammunition, sufficient for 20 fire phases.

Direct Fire Characteristics: Heavy Machine Gun
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
500m (6)+3 1,000m (5)+2 1,500m (3)+1

Dorsal Mounted Remote Turret Beam Laser[edit]

There is a 4 megawatt input, beam laser turret mounted on the chassis deck with TL–11 direct fire control.

  • It has a +2 DM to hit and can engage 2 targets.
Direct Fire Characteristics: Beam Laser
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
2,000m (26) 4,000m (18) 8,000m (8)

The beam laser is optimized for direct fire. Beyond effective range it has limited ability to disable vehicle targets and is used to pick off armored enemy personnel.

Chassis Rear Facing Remote Mount GL[edit]

A 4cm RAM Grenade Launcher is mounted in a remote mount cupolas covering the rear half firing arc of the vehicle. The grenade launcher's role is seen as a way to shock and disorientate approaching infantry to prevent them effectively using their nasty man-portable disposable TAC missiles. It has 11 contact penetration, 2 fragmentary penetration with a 20m burst radius. The non automatic weapon was selected as a cost and space saving feature.

  • It can engage one target and has a +2 signature.
Direct Fire Characteristics: 4cm RAM GL
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
370m (11/2/20m) 750m (11/2/20m) 1,500m (11/2/20m)

There is storage for 30 HE grenades.

TAC Missiles[edit]

There are four 56kg capacity TAC missile launch rails in a four cell pod mounted on the side of beam laser's remote dorsal turret. They use a 20cm HEAP 53 warhead and have a 34km or a 24km range +10 DM for a hyper velocity interceptor variant. There is no cargo space to carry additional missiles. It takes two people to manually reload these in the field from available stocks.

Characteristics: HEAP Warhead Missiles
Type Range Price
Homing 34 km or 24km +10 DM Cr485
Target Designated 34 km or 24km +10 DM Cr485

The TAC missiles carry a good HEAP 53 warhead. The limited ammo makes a sustained encounter with armored opponents problematic at best. The beam laser can be used to designate targets. The 10 power LADAR's target acquisition range is not sufficient to fully exploit their engagement envelop and was seen as a cost saving measure.

Power / Equipment:[edit]

Power: 5 megawatt fusion power plant
consumes 7.5 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 72.8 liters, enough for 9.7 hours.
  • Sealed environment with extended life support for 2 crew (proof against CBR/NBC threats);
  • 10 power target acquisition LADAR
  • Image enhancement and thermal image for vision blocks and night operations;
  • map box;
  • 5000km range radio, 5km range Laser communication system.


Vehicle 12 
Electronics 20
Weapons 17

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