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Generic TAC Missile
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Generic TAC Missile
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level 7
Size 700mm
Weight 150.0 kilograms
Cost Cr200
Ammo x1 missile (single shot)
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Generic TAC Missile

The TAC Missile (150.0 grams loaded; Cr1,200; TL-7) is a guided battlefield support weapon used to destroy high value targets.

  • It is a GUW weapon and is available in a variety of models, forms, and mountings. [1]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

"Tac Missiles:" A tac missiles, often written as "TAC missile," is a guided weapon, typically with an explosive warhead, used to destroy high value tactical targets on the battlefield. In practice, this usually translates to AFV’s (armored fighting vehicles) although bunkers, logistical trains, sensor installations, and a variety of other targets may also be considered the worthy targets for the higher cost of using a guided munition. [2]

The earlier models are relatively easily spoofed generally by causing the weapon operator to no longer guide the weapon. This is relatively easily achieved by directing a large quatity of weapon fire towards the firing position of the guided weapon. Within a few generations fo development, as electronics further develop, the first fire and forget weapons debut. At this point the best defenses are good armor or various methods of spoofing the guidance sensors on the weapon. These weapons are continually developed, a constant race of offensive and defensive technology advances occurs, each competing to outdo the other. [3]

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 700mm. Weight, unloaded: 50.0 grams. Base price: Cr200. Tech level 7.

  • "Tac Missiles:" Increasing sophistication will push the price up to Cr1,000 per missile and Cr10,000 per launcher system at tech level 12. The more primitive tac missiles cost Cr200 with launcher systems costing Cr1,000. Launcher systems weigh from 50.0 kg (tech level 7) to 1,000.0 kilograms (tech level 12+) with missiles ranging from 10.0 to 100.0 kilograms. [4]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

TAC missles have followed a rapid, upward trend of technological sophistication within Charted Space:

  • Tech level 7: The first battlefield guided tactical missiles (tac missiles) are introduced. They have a maximum range of about 2.0 to 3.0 kilometers, are equipped with a HEAP warhead, and are flown to the target remotely by the gunner. In the early part of the period, recoilless weapons are in wide use, but are soon superseded by tac missiles and improved anti-tank grenade launchers. [5]
  • Tech level 8: The tac missile's guidance system now requires that the operator track only the target, not that he guide the missile. Advanced forms of the tac missile incorporate laser target designation. [6]
  • Tech level 9: Tac missiles now range up to 4.0 kilometers and incorporate follow-up IR sensors to achieve successive hits on composite armor. [7]
  • Tech level 10: Tac missiles range to 5 kilometers and incorporate teleguidance. Warheads for tac missiles are expanded to include HE, flechette, and chemical capability. [8]
  • Tech level 11: Tac missile warheads now include small nuclear weapons, range to 6.0 kilometers and incorporate inertial target memory and homing. Special anti-tank artillery is gradually phased out and replaced by tac missiles. [9]

Selected Weapon Models[edit]

  1. TL-7 TAC Missile
  2. TL-8 TAC Missile
  3. TL-9 TAC Missile
  4. TL-10 TAC Missile
  5. TL-11 TAC Missile
  6. TL-12 TAC Missile
  7. TL-13 TAC Missile
  8. TL-14 TAC Missile
  9. TL-15 TAC Missile

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