J-5 Trans-Rift Hierate Route

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The J-5 Trans-Rift Hierate Route is a J-5 to 6 route that crosses the Great Rift from trailing Verge sector to the Aslan Hierate in the Riftspan Reaches Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The J-5 Trans-Rift Hierate Route is a minor trade route, though an important courier route between the Aslan Hierate and the Third Imperium.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In -1044, the Aslan explorer Ktouwaatritoikh discovered the route across Great Rift.

  • In Antebellum times, the Verge Connector was a minor trade route, though an important courier route between the Third Imperium and the Hierate. The Connector is now infamous for being the conduit that brought Virus into the Aslan Hierate. Because of the short lag time with which Virus reached it, the Hierate had no advanced warning, and its most heavily populated trailing regions were quickly annihilated. The Connector has remained a common means for Vampire Fleet deployment between the hot zone of the Imperial Core, and regions to spinward of the Great Rift, and it has been fortified by a mixture of Aslan and Regency forces since the Collapse.

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1105[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events associated with this topic:

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This astrographic feature is primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

Jump Table[edit]

This table shows the Jump–5 route, with worlds from spinward–coreward to trailing–rimward. The Step and Distance columns indicate the distance between each of the numbered worlds.

Jump Table
# Name Type World
1 Aulryakh/Aulryakh (Riftspan Reaches 0507)
1–2 Jump–5
2 Eao/Trawo (Riftspan Reaches 0711)
2–3 Jump–3
3 Tleae'ah/Aokiylair (Riftspan Reaches 0913)
3–4 Jump–3
4 Souyehkeahte/Aokiylair (Riftspan Reaches 1115)
4–5 Jump–3
5* Hyarlih/Aokiylair (Riftspan Reaches 1415) *
5–6 Jump–2
6* Arleaya/Aokiylair (Riftspan Reaches 1615) *
6–7 Jump–2
7 Aoki/Ryuhleiea (Riftspan Reaches 1816)
7–8 Jump–5
8 Ahfatre/Ryuhleiea (Riftspan Reaches 2219)
8–9 Jump–3
9 Stairearlehfa/Aohelroiao (Riftspan Reaches 2521)
9–10 Jump–3
10 Uihwayu/Hryehkhtyel (Riftspan Reaches 2423)
10–11 Jump–4
11 Uiryo'yahoh/Aohelroiao (Riftspan Reaches 2726)
11–12 Jump–3
12 Esui/Aohelroiao (Riftspan Reaches 2729)
12–13 Jump–3
13 Hluarelai/Aohelroiao (Riftspan Reaches 3030)
13–14 Jump–3
14 Oisyasais/Wahtoikoeakh (Riftspan Reaches 2933)
14–15 Jump–3
15 Wahtoikoeakh/Wahtoikoeakh (Riftspan Reaches 2936)

* Note that either Hyarlih (#5) or Arleaya (#6), but not both, could be skipped. The high-population, A-starport world Hkurlei/Aokiylair (Riftspan Reaches 1517) could be substituted for both to save one jump-step along the customary route.

World Route Data[edit]

System Listing: 1105:

  1. Ahfatre (Riftspan Reaches Ryuhleiea)
  2. Aoki (Riftspan Reaches Ryuhleiea)
  3. Arleaya (Riftspan Reaches Aokiylair)
  4. Aulryakh (Riftspan Reaches Aulryakh)
  5. Eao (Riftspan Reaches Trawo)
  6. Esui (Riftspan Reaches Aohelroiao)
  7. Hluarelai (Riftspan Reaches Aohelroiao)
  8. Hyarlih (Riftspan Reaches Aokiylair)
  9. Oisyasais (Riftspan Reaches Wahtoikoeakh)
  10. Souyehkeahte (Riftspan Reaches Aokiylair)
  11. Stairearlehfa (Riftspan Reaches Aohelroiao)
  12. Tleae'ah (Riftspan Reaches Aokiylair)
  13. Uihwayu (Riftspan Reaches Hryehkhtyel)
  14. Uiryo'yahoh (Riftspan Reaches Aohelroiao)
  15. Wahtoikoeakh (Riftspan Reaches Wahtoikoeakh)

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this astrographic feature:

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