Divine Intervention/Night of Conquest

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Divine Intervention/Night of Conquest
Classic Traveller Double Adventure 6
Author Lawrence SchickWilliam H. Keith Jr.J. Andrew Keith
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format LBB (Digest)
Language English
Pages 48
Year Published 1982
Canonical Yes
product 331

Double Adventure 6 Divine Intervention/Night of Conquest is an early adventure for Classic Traveller.


Two adventures share one book:

Divine Intervention[edit]

Pavabid (Spinward Marches 1238) is ruled by a religious dictatorship, a rigid offshoot of the widespread Church of the Stellar Divinity. Off-worlders are only permitted in the Starport and Trade Enclave, separated from the rest of the planet by hundreds of kilometres of wilderness and water. Industrialists on Collace (Spinward Marches 1237) are frustrated by the refusal to allow outside exploitation of abundant heavy metals, particularly recently discovered massive deposits of iridium. Someone is needed to deliver a small device that will project an image and sound that will be believed to be a message from God that will persuade the local Thearch to change his position toward off-world exploitation.

Table of Contents[edit]

Divine Intervention

Introduction 4
A Message from God 6
The Floating Palace 10
Referee's Information 22

Night of Conquest[edit]

A real find has been made on Gaajpadje (Reaver's Deep 1124). A trade agreement for rare gems and objets d'art has been signed with the world's dominant race. A formal celebration of the deal was held, and ancient Laws of Hospitality and Good Customer Relations made attendance mandatory. During the party the other civilised race on the planet made a completely unexpected attack. A simple commercial transaction erupts into war, and the trade team are caught in the middle.

Table of Contents[edit]

Night of Conquest

Introduction 4
Out of the Night Sky 7
Gaajpadje 8
Running the Adventure 10
Escape from the Palace 11
Across Rijudjya 14
The Airship Port 18
Encounters 21
Options and Opportunities 25

Library Data Entries[edit]

Library data entries


As with all the Double Adventure books, the book has two front covers with the two adventures printed starting from each end of the book and therefore upside down relative to each other and each with their own page numbering.


Lawrence Schick, William H. Keith, Jr., and J. Andrew Keith
John Harshman
Paul R. Banner and Chris Purcell