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Bruyere system was initially overlooked when the IISS made its first foray into Deneb Sector. And for good reason. The system is weak in natural resources and thus a poor candidate for development.

From space, it's parched gray countenance does little to entice travellers to touch down on its surface. The planet's very thin atmosphere and liquid oceans are tainted by sulphur compounds that were released eons ago by now-dormant volcanoes. Nearly all of the planet's water is concentrated into a single large ocean in the southern hemisphere.

However, because the system possesses two gas giants it eventually attracted traders and freighters making the run between Liran and Minocoy. Scouts from the exploration branch set up rudimentary starport facilities at the system mainworld and an outer system world now known as Carthage. The IISS released more detailed survey information and opened the system to institutional study.

Scientists from the Deneb and Usani eventually came to the planet (by this time unaffectionately named "872-444" by the IISS) to research its atmospheric taints.

Dr. Ibsen Bruyere of the University of Usani first set foot on the planet's surface in 574. He and his research team spent six months on the barren world. During that time, they discovered the planet's vast network of natural catacombs. More amazing to Bruyere and his team of scientists was that the catacombs were inhabited by sentient beings!

Several thousand Chirpers were discovered living in dispersed hovels hundreds of meters beneath the planet's surface. Though Chirpers had already been discovered on other worlds spinward of the Great Rift, it was an amazing find considering the planet's inhospitable environment. The scientists discovered that beneath the world's surface, higher atmospheric pressure and oxygen content made the environment survivable by the Chirpers.

The system mainworld was named after the scientist who made this wonderful discovery. Since Dr. Bruyere's discovery, research teams from neighboring systems have visited the planet frequently primarily to study its subterranean native inhabitants.

In recent times, archaeological teams have hypothesized that discovery of a new Ancients site is imminent on the world. They believe the catacombs are the remnants of some form of Ancient residential construction that the Chirpers inhabited during the intervening millenia.

While the research teams continue to visit the world at a consistent rate, the Scout Service and RQS have also established a steady presence in the system. Because of the system's location between several strategic worlds, it makes a fine refueling and calibration point for Scout and Quarantine ships. The Scouts on Bruyere also serve as law enforcement and "park rangers," protecting the native population of the planet.

The RISS has recently given visitation permits to several Droyne Kroyloss' that intend to caste willing members of the Chirper population, thus indoctrinating them into Droyne culture. The suspicious Bruyerian Chirpers were at first cold to the idea, but racial recognition and curiosity about the koynisin ritual has begun to bring them out of their subterranean homes.

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