16th Fleet (Cirqa)

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Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in Cirqa Subsector, one of two Imperial fleets carrying the number 16. The governments in Cirqa maintain three Naval Bases, and one Way Station. In practice some of the scouts are typically attached to each of the other line squadrons to serve as fleet couriers and to conduct reconnaissance.

The fleet consists of four squadrons:

16.S1 ScoutRon based at Shiirkan/Cirqa (Fornast 0209) A302955-E[edit]

163rd BatRon stationed at Darkbone/Cirqa (Fornast 0308) B310123-C[edit]

162nd CruRon anchored at Maig La/Cirqa (Fornast 0302) B546666-A[edit]

161st AssaultRon anchored at Shiirkan/Cirqa (Fornast 0209) A302955-E[edit]

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