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A Viewport is a transparent panel built into a hull.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Sections of a spacecraft hull can be crafted of homogeneous material to allow a sophont to use a specific sense with a minimum of (or no) interference with the function of that sense

  • Viewports are most commonly oriented to Vision.
  • Senses may be enhanced by technological means such as Binox or telescopes.

Viewports, available from TL–5 onward, are typically associated with the bridge of the vessel, allowing the command crew to have a direct external view of their surroundings. They may also be found as part of a Stateroom, in lounges, or in observation decks on vessels such as Liners

Viewports are made from hardened and strengthened laminated materials. Their composition includes insulation as well as photochromatic layers that darken on exposure to light of sufficient intensity. Viewports range in size from simple observation portholes to very large pilot windscreens. Many include closable shutters and may be armored.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Viewports are usually shuttered, screened, or otherwise rendered opaque during jump: most sophonts find a prolonged view of jumpspace distinctly unsettling.

Viewports are also called Portholes, Vision Ports, Observation Ports, Windscreens, Windshields, Perception Ports, Awareness Ports, and Psi Ports.

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