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There is an awareness sense and an awareness psionic talent.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Awareness is the psionic talent which allows control of one’s own body. Awareness is not capable of affecting others and may not be used for healing or enhancing other characters.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Suspended Animation[edit]

Personal body activity may be suspended for varying periods of time. This state is similar to cold sleep but without the intrinsic danger of death. Such a state continues for 7 days without need for food or water and with minimal air needs. Such a person could effectively travel in a cold sleep berth without actually undergoing cold sleep and its dangers. Suspended animation may be stopped at any time, provided external stimulus (such as a friend’s voice or a mechanical alarm) is given to awaken the sleeper.

Psionically Enhanced Strength[edit]

Psionic Strength may be converted to physical Strength on a temporary basis.

Psionically enhanced Strength reaches its new level immediately, and remains at that peak for 60 minutes. After that time, it declines per minute until the normal Strength level is reached.

Psionically Enhanced Endurance[edit]

Psionic strength may be converted to Endurance on a temporary basis.

Psionically enhanced Endurance reaches its new level immediately, and it remains at that peak level for a duration of 60 minutes. After that time, it declines per minute until the normal Endurance level is reached.


Wounds and injuries may be healed rapidly. Healing occurs immediately (less than one minute).

Should one session of healing be insufficient, further healing and regeneration may be applied after Psionic strength is recovered. Regeneration may also be applied to the growing of new limbs or organs, as well as to replacing of lost ones or to healing of unrecovered old wounds suffered prior to psionic training. Regeneration may not be used to counteract aging.

- Source: MT Players' Manual

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