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This organization was established in 1126 in response to the need for unified authority in the lawless Promise subsector of Diaspora. The six member worlds hope to push back the surrounding tides of anarchy, and to this end they maintain a credible fleet and retain a large number of starmerc units for eventualities. As an island of Outland surrounded by Wilds areas, the UP is quite a powerhouse by subsector standards; in fact, it is one of the more powerful of Diaspora's independent polities. However, being the closest of these to the Solomani Frontier is quite a handicap. Given its cash-poor circumstances, the UP government pays its starmerc contractors in trade when possible, in the form of starship maintenance and repair at Promise's TL13 yards. Since there are no class-A starports among the UP worlds, new starships in Promise Subsector come mostly from Remington.

The UP fleet consists of:

Small craft include a dozen each of Termagant and Kestrel class fighters, and 30-some pinnaces, ship's boats, and cutters used for customs and inspection duties.

An additional force of seven starmerc vessels, including Vigilante, are kept on reserve status and are frequently hired for missions outside UP territory.

While small, this is a considerable force by post-Rebellion standards.

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