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Notes (2017)[edit]

Junidy is an Imperial, high population world lying near Vargr space. Its universal world profile (UWP) is B434ABD-9. The world is about the size of Mars, but with oceans. Its atmosphere is very thin, although breathable when the atmosphere is raised slightly.

While the ideology is different, the restrictiveness and control by the government resembles somewhat pre-glasnost USSR. The tech level is comparable to Earth about the year2010. A particularly large Scout base is here, referred to as a way station. The main starport is good quality and has a Vargr trading center intended to encourage extra-Imperial trade.

The world is shared between two races, humans and the natives called Llellewyloly. These beings resemble large, fluffy balls standing on five multi-jointed limbs. Llellewyloly predominate in the countryside, while the humans congregate in the cities. Because of the very thin atmosphere, the cities are under enormous domes where the air pressure is enough to eliminate the need for respirators. Camgoth, and other cities near secondary starports, also have Vargr ghettos. Most of these Vargr came as refugees some years back as a result of the violence from the Kforuzeng expansion in Vargr space.

The cities are socially stratified in a literal sense. The rich and powerful occupy the penthouses. The poor live at about street level. Those in between occupy the middle layers.

The distribution of wealth in the city is steep, and there is little communication across social levels. They each have their own stores, schools, and even separate entertainment channels. The upper class ride in gleaming grav vehicles imported from other worlds. The middle class use mass transit autocabs on skyways connecting the various buildings. The lower class walk the narrow streets or use bicycles.

Well-to-do among the lower class ride electric motor scooters. Businesses use small, tri-wheeled trucks that run on petroleum. "Lords," among the lower class, still prefer to ride private cars over middle class mass transit. Such cars are styled narrow to accommodate the day traffic.

The area of the low city most renowned for its murders is the Vargr Quarter. Sociologists believe conditions have made territorial instincts. particularly strong in this community. Visitors there are seen as intruders. Their killing isn't regarded as murder, but a community service.

The greatest problem lies in the Gray Zone. This is a strip, about two blocks wide, where the Vargr Quarter overlaps with the rest of the city. Naturally, conflict between humans and Vargr is common, usually in the form of gang wars, each struggling for control. Off-worlders, however, are in the least amount of danger, perhaps because they are transient and uninvolved. Still, there is much potential for trouble, either out of ignorance, by accident, or the characters are handy when locals wish to vent their frustrations.

Traveller Chronicle 1; Page 10

Notes (2015)[edit]

Spinward Marches sector data
Hex Name UWP Remarks {Ix} (Ex) [Cx] Noble Base Zone PBG Worlds Alg Stellar
3202 Junidy B434ABD-B Hi (Llellewyloly)5 {4} (D9F+5) [EE9F] BEf W - 310 0 ImDd F7 V M2 V
Subsector: Aramis
  • Hex Name SAH MSPR Gs APres DCl DNum Clim AU TLk TF Ali SJLm Star(s)
  • 3202 Junidy* 434 0-7 0.47 0.5 HIr 5.11 Nrm- 1.62 N ? ? 1.2 F7 V (M8 D)
  • Please see the Climate and Density Key to interpret the below:
  • Gs: 0.47
  • APres: 0.5
  • Clim: Norm- (Cold)
  • TLk: No
  • Ali: Yes. Dandies.
  • Stars: Was: F7 V (M8 D) Now: F7 V M2 V (T5SS 2015)
Spinward Marches economic data
Hex Name UWP PBG {Ix} WTN RU GWP (BCr) Trade (BCr) Passengers Build Army Port SPA Population Subsector
3202 Junidy B434ABD-B 310 { 4 } 11 109,800 8,775 63,817 37,000 33,000,000 12,000 6 26,255 Aramis
  • Dawn of the Third Imperium (0 to 119)
  • The Antebellum Years (120 to 474)
  • Imperial Disarray (475 to 621)
  • Imperial Recovery (622 to 767)
  • The Stumbling Years (768 to 939)
  • The Solomani Crisis (940 to 1102)
  • The New Millennium (1003 to 1084)
  • The Golden Age (1085 to 1106)
  • Fifth Frontier War (1107 to 1110)
  • An Uncertain Future (1111 to 1115)
Setting Dates Era Name (Milieu) UWP Notes Code
(-2404 to -2203) Interstellar Wars ?434???-? First Imperium uf & ui
(-2204 to -1776) Rule of Man ?434???-? Rule of Man (Second Imperium) & Long Night ui & um & un
(-25 to 75) Milieu 0 ?434???-? Third Imperium Founding & Sylean Federation u0
(200 to 420) First Survey ?434???-? First Survey u1
(985 to 1002) Milieu 990 ?434???-? Solomani Rim War us
(995 to 1065) Second Survey ?434???-? Second Survey u2
(1100 to 1117) Milieu 1116 B434ABD-B Classic Era uc
(1117 to 1130) Rebellion B434ABD-9 Hard Times uh
(1190 to 1220) New Era ?434???-? Reformation ur
(1221 to 1300) Fourth Imperium ?434???-? Fourth Imperium, TNE & Milieu 1248 u4
(1301 to 1500) Collapse ?434???-? Collapse & Interregnum ua
(1780 to 1840) False Spring ?434???-? False Spring ue
(1900+) Galaxiad ?434???-? Galaxiad ug