Refuge (Da 0509) (world)

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Refuge/Mimu (Dagudashaag 0509)
Milieu 1116
StarportD Poor: No Construction, Minor Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere7 Standard (tainted)
Hydrographics8 Wet World 80%
Population6 Moderate (2 million)
Government6 Captive Government/Colony
Law4 Moderate Law (no light assault weapons)
Tech Level5 Industrial (mass production)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary K1 V
Worlds 9
Gas Giants 4
Planetoid Belts 2
Cultural Details
Government Captive government
Law Level Moderate
Cultural Extension 4433
Army Size (BEs) 3
Economic Details
Technology Level 5
Economic Extension
Labor5Moderate (200 thousand)
Infrastructure2 Extremely limited
Efficiency-4Very poor
Importance Extension -2
Resource Units 48
GWP (BCr) 1
World Trade Number 3.5
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 857
Starport Details
Classification Class-D
Port Size 3
Building Capacity (Tons) 2,000
Port employees 60
Port passengers (annual) 0

Refuge is an agricultural world with an ideal environment for producing food from plants, animals, or other forms. The system has a population between 100,000 and 10 million sophonts. The governance of this world is from Ssi (Dagudashaag 0708). This is a temperate world, with a climate of average temperatures. It is a member of Third Imperium in the Mimu Subsector of Dagudashaag Sector and in the Lancian Cultural Region and the Domain of Vland. Refuge, as a member world of the Third Imperium, holds the estate of an Imperial knight and the fiefdom of a baron. Both are members of the Imperial Nobility charged with overseeing the world.

Astrography and planetology[edit]

Refuge is a member of the Vilani Main.

Refuge is a rugged, but reasonably earth-like world with an unusual level of metal's tainting the planetary soils - lethal level traces of copper and selenium.

Monostellar System[edit]

Refuge Monostellar System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

K1 V

Primary Main Sequence 0.774 3800 - 4800 0.352
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00781 0.04921 0.47 - 0.77 0.781 7.81
Orbit #  *  * 2 2 7

History and background[edit]

The Vilani decided not to colonize the world as a result of the soil taints, their medical science was unable to cope with Refuge’s biosphere. To the Solomani the prospect of a near-earthlike world in S'mrii Space was impossible to resist. A Solomani geneering company was commissioned by the Rule of Man administration to produce colonists able to tolerate the higher levels of heavy metals. The project was judged a success and the start-up colony, originally named Cochrane, was in place by -2014.

The onset of the Long Night severed Refuge’s ties with the outside universe, and the world regressed to preindustrial levels. The S'mrii ConSentiency ignored the world, as the heavy metal contamination was equally lethal to S'mrii. After the region’s incorporation into the Third Imperium, Refuge was originally slated by the IISS for protective interdiction. This was opposed by a number of Dagudashaag corporations, anxious to develop the world, and the Navy, which needed base facilities in the Siakmasfa Cluster.

The IISS reluctantly agreed, and in 704 a port was established on the unpopulated western continent. To ensure that the native population would not suffer epidemics from foreign pathogens when the immigration started, the IISS hired Braddock GenoTechnics to perform a covert biosurvey of the natives. Braddock reported the alarming fact that the Solomani adaptations appeared to be ‘breeding out’ of the population, and that symptoms of ‘selenium sickness’ seemed to be increasing.

Without seeking IISS permission, Braddock went ahead and developed a ‘booster’ retrovirus to correct the perceived deficiency. Both the observations and the manufactured retrovirus were faulty. During a secret field trial, the retrovirus escaped into Refuge’s biosphere. Instead of the intended effect, it eliminated the heavy metal tolerance of as many as 25% of those it infected. Countless thousands of Refuge natives died from selenium poisoning, despite the best efforts of the IISS. The final death rate was estimated at "over fifteen percent", and the Braddock Plague shattered several of the larger native nations. Braddock was immediately charged with causing death by gross negligence, and gross breaches of the IISS biosphere integrity regulations. The case was heard in the Mimu subsector court, infamous for its labyrinthine bureaucracy. Although Braddock GenoTechnics only survives as a near-bankrupt shell, the legal wranglings have lasted over three hundred years to the present day. Refuge remains under the administration of the Mimu subsector court, and all corporate land claims are held in abeyance until the settlement of the court case. The surviving natives exhibit varying degrees of xenophobia, and the IISS describes contact as ‘inadvisable’. As of 1110, it is reported that wildcat miners and squatters have breached the court settlement restrictions, and reopened the semi-derelict Scout port.

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