Purifier class Grav APC

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Purifier class Grav APC
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Unpublished, non-canon vehicle design.
Tech Level TL–12
Mass 10 dton
Cost 7,148,748
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Speed 300kph
Cargo 1m³ 1,000kg
Crew 7 a driver/commander and 6 gunners
Passengers 16
Armament (6) TAC missile tube launchers, VRF Gauss gun
Manufacturer Holy Forges and Foundries of Righteous Resolve and Fortitude
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These are deployed by the forces of the Tenjada Moralitate.

The Purifier class Grav APC is a TL-12 Armored Fighting Vehicle.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Purifier class Grav APC, TL-12: The vehicle's 556 tons of superdense armor, strains the gav modules and available hull volume. The front of the chassis is radically sloped and the chassis sides have moderate slopes to increase the armor's effectiveness. As a result this vehicle is actually slower than some of its contemporaries. This is intended to ensure all aspect, uniform protection superior to starship hull metal. This design is sealed with life support for the crew and passengers in vacuum and protected forces roles. A larger fusion power plant is installed to ensure some modest mobility. There are six remote weapon stations located around the vehicle. Each weapon station has a variety of weapons. Six gunners coordinate fire in several different directions simultaneously. A dorsal VRF Gauss point defense turret provides over-watch. There is a section of close assault infantry and the crew which all enjoy the protection of a sealed environment and full life support (proof against CBR/NBC threats) and can exit via an airlock in the front of the vehicle.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Army and IISS Universal Vehicle Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (of ten craft) carried on the vehicle when applicable. Tonnage on the universal vehicle profile is shown in kilotons (thousands of tons) where necessary.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics
#. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage Total mass loaded: 673.52651 metric tons.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 5.2m wide, 3m tall, 13m long, +6 low hits
  • Total usable volume: 121.68m³
2. Crew x7 crew: driver/commander, and 6 gunners
3. Performance Movement:
  • 0.25 maneuver Gs 300kph/250cm; cruise 225kph/187m; NOP 75kph/62cm.
4. Electronics Equipment: 5,000 power radio, 1,000km maser, extensive ECM, thermal image, image enhancement, 100 power target acquisition RADAR, TL–12 flight avionics, map box, battle computer, full weapon stabilization, sealed environment with life support for 23.
5. Hardpoints A fully rotating turret mounted on the chassis deck, 4m wide, 4.58m long and 1m tall, with a volume of 18.32m³, there are six remote weapon stations around the periphery of the vehicle two are in the forward corners, on the port and starboard sides, two are lateral firing to the right and left, and two are in the rear corners. All weapons are fully stabilized to fire on the move.
6. Armament Weapons:

There are (x6) Laser Rifles mounted in the six remote weapon stations. Each has a 100 shot battery. Their direct fire characteristics are:

Direct Fire Characteristics: Laser Rifles TL-9
Effective Range: 180m (9)
Long Range: 360m (4)
Extreme Range: 1.8 km (1)

There are (x6) plasma guns, man portable mounted in the six remote weapon stations. Each has a 40 shot battery. Their direct fire characteristics are:

Direct Fire Characteristics: PGMP-12
Effective Range: 250m (20)
Long Range: 450m (8)
Extreme Range: 750m (1)

There are (x6) remote mounts with the 4cm RAM AGLs, around the vehicle for infantry suppression. Each can engage 2 targets and has a +2 signature. Each comes loaded with 1,600 HEAP 36 grenades, enough for 20 fire phases. Their direct fire characteristics are:

Direct Fire Characteristics: 4cm RAM Automatic Grenade Launchers
Effective Range: 370m +4
Long Range: 750m +3
Extreme Range: 1.5 km +2
  • VRF Gauss Gun: is turret mounted, stabilized, with TL–12 point defense fire control (rolls 10 dice versus indirect fire missions). It can engage 16 targets with a +4 signature. The weapon has 30,000 rounds of ammunition, enough for 23 fire phases.
Direct Fire Characteristics: VRF Gauss gun
Effective Range: 1.5 km (21) +8
Long Range: 3 km (19) +6
Extreme Range: 4.5 km (17) +3
7. Defenses laser sensor 4+, 100 bottle of prismatic aerosols
  • Hull Material: Superdense
  • Armor: Chassis and Turret front 66, Chassis and Turret sides 58, all remaining faces 50.
  • Target Size DMs: +6 low, +1 high hits
8. Craft None.
9. Fuel Fuel capacity 1,804.2 liters, the 84 MW fusion power plant consumes 126 liters/hour, it carries enough for 14.3 hours.
10. Cost Production Cost: Cr. 7,150,602
11. Construction Time 4 weeks.
12. Comments It is equipped with guidance packages for operator guided missiles.
13. Maintenance
  • Vehicle 5
  • Electronics 81
  • Weapons 30

TAC Missiles[edit]

There are six 50kg capacity tube launchers built into the six weapon stations. There are a variety of guidance packages available. The vehicle comes with six target designated missiles to take advantage of the laser rifles mounted with them to paint targets independently. Different guidance packages come with different sizes of warheads. From 25cm HEAP 58, 22cm HEAP 55 to 21cm HEAP 54 warheads. Each gunner can reload their launcher if additional rounds are available, or carried in the cargo space. The homing missiles struggle to achieve intercepts against vehicles protected with advanced ECM abilities. A set of six TD missiles are included with the purchase price. The teleguided missiles are very expensive can use a radio or maser command link. The radio has longer range, but the maser is faster and can't be jammed.

Characteristics: HEAP Warhead Missiles
Type Range Price
Homing HEAP 58, 3.5km Cr409
Target Designated HEAP 58, six carried 3.5km Cr309
IR Follow Up HEAP +8 3.5km Cr509
Operator Guided HEAP 55 15km w/Radio link or 5km +10 DM w/Maser link Cr286.75
Teleguided HEAP 54 14km w/Radio link or 4km +10 DM w/Maser link Cr1,782

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Purifier class Grav APC was designed and manufactured at TL–12, these vehicles are manufactured for the Tenjada Moralitate in Mavuzog and Theta Borealis Sectors. They have TL–12 point defense fire control systems for the dorsal VRF Gauss gun. A set of six weapon mounts provide all-aspect, covering fire 360 degrees around the vehicle. The six gunners usually set the VRF automatic sentinel mode where it tracks and fires at incoming fire, they focus on close in fire support of their two squads of dismounted assault troopers. The combination of laser rifles, plasma cannons, automatic grenade launchers and a TAC missile provide a potent punch. Longer range missiles which can engage out to the range of the powerful RADAR are being investigated. The crew can manually reload the missiles, if spares are carried in the cargo bay.

The low NOP speed is cited as a weakness, but crews love the extremely heavy armor. The vehicle is immune to most frontal attacks, attacks to the thinner rear, belly or deck armor are needed by most weapon systems to penetrate. Each vehicle is treated as a small lift infantry platoon with a vehicle squad and two dismounted squads. Elite formations use grav belts, chameleon combat armor and use PGMP-12 and man portable TAC missiles for heavy weapon support beyond what this vehicle provides. Laser spotters paint targets and Gauss rifles are the main infantry long arm. These are very expensive weapons platforms, built for close support. They rely on their missiles to deal with heavier threats and lack heavy energy weapons to deal with Grav Tanks armored like themselves.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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