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In the alternate timeline of Milieu 1120, Jan Malikov was a prominent activist within the Nationalist bloc of the Solomani Party. Malikov became Secretary General of the provisional Solomani Confederation government in 1122 following the removal of former Secretary Marc Chissano.

Malikov, a native of Vantage (Solomani Rim 1538), served as that world's Minister of the Environment in the early 1100s. Following this he became a delegate to the Secretariat representing Vantage, and swiftly emerged as a prominent figure within the Nationalist faction. He was noted as a fierce critic of Confederation policies, notably Solomani Security's purge of the Confederation Navy's officer corps. Malikov briefly disappeared from public light after attending a society dinner with a senior Transstar executive on 310-1119.

When he reemerged shortly before the 104th General Congress of the Solomani Party in 1120, Malikov was considered a favorite to succeed Secretary General Lin Peres. However, his election hopes were dashed following accusations on Vantage that he had accepted bribes from the Imperial MegaCorporation SuSAG while serving as the planet's Minister of the Environment. Following this news, Chissano was elected Secretary General.

In 1121 Chissano was recalled as a delegate by his homeworld of Twilight (Aldebaran 0912), creating a constitutional crisis. In response, Malikov and other Nationalist leaders organized a Solomani Party caucus on Vantage to discuss reforms and develop a response to the Chissano crisis. The result was the Vantage Manifesto, which called for an end to the Solomani Party's monopoly on legal political activity, several reforms to the Confederation military command structure, and the abolition of SolSec's "monitor" program.

Following a brief but violent series of internal conflicts within the Confederation, Chissano was deposed in 1122 and Malikov was named Secretary General of the provisional government, and has continued to hold that office.

Malikov was seriously wounded in an attempted assassination in 1127.

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