Fringian Utilities, Waste, and Energy

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Utilities, Waste, and Energy is a major business sector of the Distant Fringe.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

General Overview: Utilities, Waste, and Energy caters to the fundamental needs of society, commerce and industry.


Major Companies[edit]

Primary Activities[edit]

The term utilities refers to the set of services provided by organisations and used by the public on a permanent basis. It includes such things as the provision of breathable atmospheric gases, maintaining survivable temperatures, supplying clean water, sufficient lighting, domestic waste disposal, a reliable supply of power or other appropriate fuel, domestic gravitic technology, and any static protection or shielding that may be required to ensure basic survival. It is also considered to include services such as network accessibility for personal communication devices and secure data connections.


Major Companies[edit]

Primary Activities[edit]

The Waste Industry includes biomaterials reprocessing, including the conversion and processing of waste materials into finished products, resource recovery, and industrial and commercial salvage and reclamation. It incorporates liquid and gaseous waste management, radiogenic and hazardous materials handling and management, and energy recovery including pyrolysis. The waste industry is able to provide safe long term storage and disposal of a variety of waste products.

Waste management also includes mortuarial services: the handling and disposal of sophont remains. Morticians execute every detail of a funeral including the collection, storage and disposal of the body of the deceased, in accordance with any given instructions and the preferences and beliefs of the surviving family members.


The supply of power to consumers. In many cases, this consists of the provision of a central power generation facility, a network to carry power to consumers, and the various supporting elements of the infrastructure necessary to make the process work. In many cases the power provider will install a modern fusion+ power plant but on some worlds – particularly those that are defined as voluntarily regressive – such technology may be shunned in favour of renewable energy sources (such as solar energy) or equipment powered by fossil fuels.

Major Companies[edit]

Primary Activities[edit]

The energy industry comprises the totality of all of the various industries involved in the production and sale of energy. This includes fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution: societies across the region are on average relatively low-tech, and there is a constant demand for efficient chemical fuels. Worlds with a more advanced technological base require cheap, reliable supplies of power in vast amounts. As such, the energy industry is a crucial part of the infrastructure and maintenance of society on worlds across the Distant Fringe.

The energy industry is considered to consist of:

  • the hydrocarbon industry, including fossil fuel extraction, refineries, transport and end-user sales. The exotic hydrocarbon industry harvests naturally occurring gases and compounds such as methane, ethane, acetylene, and benzine, which occur naturally on some exotic atmosphere worlds. It includes geological extraction, atmospheric collection, purification and refineries, substance manufacture, as well as distribution and sales.
  • the electrical power industry, including electricity generation, power distribution grids and sales.
  • solid fossil fuels industry.
  • fission and fusion power industry.
  • the renewable energy industry, comprising hydroelectric power, wind power, geothermal power, and solar power generation.
  • traditional energy industry based on the collection and distribution of combustible flora (such as lumber or peat) or organic biowaste (such as dung). While some primitive cultures see this fuel source as a basic necessity, more often it is used as a luxury product within wealthy homes (a real open fire).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Gas Traders, who collect raw hydrogen and provide refined hydrogen fuel to spacecraft, starships, port facilities and power production centers, are considered a part of the Transport and Logistics business sector.

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