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An Emergency Locker is typically a small cabinet holding a Vacc Suit and emergency supplies.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Imperial safety regulations require that a stocked emergency locker is provided for each crewmember and passenger carried aboard a starship or spacecraft. They are designed to give an individual the best chance of survival either in a vacuum or in a variety of planetary environments. Similar emergency equipment is carried by the vessels of most other spacefaring cultures.

Emergency Lockers are sited in locations where they are easy to access, typically close to airlocks, within passageways, and within generally accessible areas such as wardrooms and lounges. They are clearly marked.

Regulation Locker[edit]


Each Regulation Emergency Locker officially contains:

Total kit weight is 23 kilograms.

"Light Locker"[edit]

Most vessels carry a reduced version of the Regulation Emergency Locker: the so-called "Light Locker". Generally it strips out bulkier items (such as climbing equipment) and anything that could be hazardous to the personnel aboard the vessel if it fell into the wrong hands (such as the rifle, the ammunition and the machete).


Total kit weight is 9.1 kilograms.

A "Light Locker" may contain separately stored packaged supplies of rations and water that may be taken as required.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Emergency lockers were noted as a construction requirement on vessels of the Terran Confederation.

The contents of the modern Regulation Emergency Locker were defined during the expansion of the Sylean Federation, when the crews of ships were far more likely to find themselves stranded in barren, unpopulated wildernesses. Light Lockers, lacking weapons and more specialized equipment, are more common within civilized areas, where the risk of a hijacking is greater than the dangers presented by a forced landing in a remote region.

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