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Type Protective Gear
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr30
Weight 2kg

A sheltersuit is a loose fitting garment with facemask, gloves, and hood which can be used with a battery operated Heat Pump to provide protection from all but the most extreme conditions of heat and cold. Most versions have a high visibility exterior. Military variants may be plain or camouflaged.

A sheltersuit is secured comfortably around the body by means of belts, snappers and connectors to form a roomy garment that allows warm air to circulate within it. Most can also be "let out" to form a sleeping bag. Many sheltersuits include a small repair kit, typically consisting of fabric patches and adhesive, to allow damage to be repaired. A combined Sheltersuit and Heat Pump weighs 2kg.

Sheltersuits are part of the standard equipment contained in Emergency Lockers and Survival Kits.

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