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Notes (2018)[edit]

Last Updated 16 October 2000. Atlas of the Imperium Click here for a scan of the Delphi page. Delphi Maps I have created a page with links to a legend and large, medium and small maps.

- Thomas Bont

TNS Reports

  • Anaxias (Delphi 1724 A253A85-D)

First mentioned 243-1118, last mentioned 210-1130, 16 references total, all UWPs the same.

  • Lashkagur (Delphi 0830 B74498A-C) 027-1122
  • Zukhimie (Delphi 0313 A427979-B) 013-1129

Interestingly, the world in hex 0313 is actually called "Zukhimi" on the Atlas map, without the final "e". At first glance it appears to be there, but closer examination reveals that the "E" is really the starport type of hex 0413. Apparently, this was misread by the designers! Hyphen Arrival Vengance

    • "The great archologies of Zukhimie can be seen from space through the meagre atmosphere." (p 14, intro)
    • Zukhimie's capital city is an archology. (p 14)
    • Ibrihim Chu is a representative of one of the nation-states.(p 14)
    • The noble residence Margaret uses while on-planet has a plaza outside,and a garden chamber inside.(pp 14, 15)
    • Challenge 37 (1118)

Lowalaa Bird[edit]

  • Lowalaa Bird
    • "A bird traditionally symbolizing trust, caring, and loyalty. The Lowalaa has earned this reputation for its many positive characteristics. They are common pets, especially among the nobility, in the regions of the Imperium stretching from Delphi to the thumb of the Great Rift.


    • "The bird was adopted as the family symbol of Prince Asan, brother of Emperor Paulo III. After Paulo had ascended the throne in 1031, Asan was awarded a duchy in Delphi sector. Asan moved to Delphi and later married Marian, the daughter of Delphi's senior duke. This established his family line as the senior one in the sector.

"The current holder of the duchy is Duchess Margaret of Anaxias (Anaxias / Delphi 1724)." John Wood

    • Margaret's emblem (properly known as the Flying Grace) depicts the

Lowalaa, a bird traditionally symbolizing trust, caring, beauty, and loyalty. It earned this reputation tor its many positive characteristics. Lowalaas are common pets, especially among nobility, in the regions of the Imperium stretching from Delphi to the thumb of the Great Rift.

    • The Lowalaa homeworld is Ituxi (Delphi 0722 AA79555-E). It was

transplanted to Anaxias (Delphi 0724 A253A85-D) during the First Imperium to control the local equivalent of insects. Its ability to adapt to the new environment was underestimated. The Lowalaa population rapidly exceeded that on Ituxi, making it the most common aviform on Anaxias.

    • The most remarkable characteristic of the Lowalaa is its colorful

plumage, for which the Lasias Lowalaa is particularly noted. Each bird will display different colors and patterns, a visual history of the food sources to which it was exposed. In the wild, birds with certain markings will be looked to as guides depending on the nutritional needs of the flock. In captivity, however, their diet is managed with extreme care so as to create the desired effects. Feeding the birds different off-world goods has yielded striking results. Special additives have even made such things as silver or luminous birds. But use of artificial chemicals in the diet is usually disallowed in formal competition.

    • Another ability, most pronounced in the Thrumet Lowalaa, is mimicry.

Lowalaas do not have the same vocal fidelity as some Terran birds. However, it is very receptive to learning short tunes. This talent also extends to learning somatic patterns – in effect, dancing. Using bird puppets as training aids, entertainment troops have devised some very impressive acts with Lowalaas.

    • Their intelligence and trainability are chiefly credited for the

Lowalaa's popularity, both as pets and as working birds. On low tech worlds, they are often used as very dependable messengers and spatters. The Lowalaa is highly adaptable. It can adjust to environmental extremes very well, but not to solitude. Its health will soon fail if a Lowalaa is frequently left alone. For this reason, they are often kept in mated pairs.

    • Lowalaas mate for life and readily breed in captivity. Females will

lay a clutch of two to five eggs every two to 12 months in the wild, varying with the world. Breeders, however, can hasten the mating cycle or halt it indefinitely. Lowalaas are very flexible in the construction of nests, even having been known to use electric wire and mylar tape to good effect. Once the eggs are laid, both the male and female become very defensive of their nest, with other Lowalaas joining in. It's a rare owner who is permitted to touch the eggs.

    • Eggs travel well in low berths. A standard low berth will carry 1500

eggs. Each egg has a base trade value of Cr1, although live Lowalaas are usually priced in the range of Cr200 to Cr1200 each. Lasias Lowalaas go for anywhere between Cr30 and Cr10,000 or higher, depending on the reputation of the breeder and the awards the bird has won. Lasias Lowalaas are never put in low berths, since the process often discolors the plumage. Lowalaas have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

    • In the Rebellion era, blue and white Lowalaas, with some black

markings (Margaret's colors), have become very popular in Massilia and Delphi. Popularity of Lowalaas is also on the rise elsewhere. The blue and white patterning is not as common since it could be viewed as politically antagonistic.

Potential Challenge References[edit]

Potential Challenge references (requires research)

Historical Notes[edit]


  • The Long Night
    • Delphi was partially settled by the first and second Imperia. During the Long Night, there were no significant Pocket Empires. Into the early Third Imperium, it remained a frontier, undeveloped sector. It was, however, the focus of the Sylean Pacification Campaign, which suggests there might have been some local resistance to Imperial rule.
- James Maliszewski
  • A important thing to consider (since it covers what material I want to contribute :) is that subsectors N, O & P were never part of the first and Second Imperium according to the maps in the back of the MT Referee's Manual. Additionally, the old UWP data we have (which is possibly subject to change, from what I can tell) has alot of non-aligned and client states in those subsectors.

Personally, I really like the frontier-esque feeling that this data can generate.

- Keith Johnson

From Milieu 0 Hardcover, pg.117: "The Sylean Pacification Campaign: Emperor Artemsus, as Archduke of Sylea, would heighten the art of Quarantine and Overture to its greatest effectiveness in Delphi and Fornast sectors. In cases where peaceful expansion was impossible, Artemsus used a combination of coups, gunboat diplomacy, and, in at least one instance, outright assassination to defeat his opponents. Only two pocket empires provided any sort or resistance and the last of those fell in 111."

- Steve "bloo" Daniels

"Delphi Sector : Development of Delphi sector begins more slowly than most of the other sectors. In year 0, it is an unexplored region for the most part. As time goes on, and particularly after the Sylean Pacification Campaigns, it becomes more heavily incorporated and explored." pg 124 M0:Campaign

- Thomas Bont

Subsectors A, B, E & F were marked in the Imperial Encyclopedia as being involved in the Sylean Pacification Campaign (along with F, J, K, N & O in Fornast and H and parts of D in Massila).

- Jimmy Simpson

Free Human League[edit]

Free Human League
Snowblind, Challenge 45:

  • "Free Human League: This loose coalition of worlds has(Had?) a centralised military based in Eta-Gu(Delphi M) and Riamia(Massila P) subsectors. The league's major trading partners prior to the Pacification campaign were the Ychean Empire, which dominated what is now the Aklan subsector(Delphi I), and Ral Ranta, which then extended into Zuume (?) and Breda(?Delphi P) subsectors".

Also in the article Eta-gu is identified as the Subsector Capital, it being an important trading center during the ROM. During the Long Night it's dominance faded, and By the time of the Sylean Federation it was a minor world in the Free Human League.

Vashti is referred to as the Capital of the Free Human League from -530 to 132, when an agreement was signed formalising an existing agreement which allied the FHL with the Third Imperium. It mentions that Vashti was named in the agreement as the Subsector Capital, and allowed the League's govt to form the Subsector govts for both Eta-Gu and Riramia subsectors, which it domininated. Vashti is currently home to Subsector Duke Armond.

There's more details on the subsector, including references to a civil war on Patnor 70 years ago (Current date is at least past 1118). Ektuurim has at least one nation with a heavy concentration of Solomani Supremacists.

So in summary, we've got at least 3 Canon Pocket Empires, none of which, IIRC were in the Pacification Zone, and at least one, the FHL, being accomodating to the Imperium.

- EW

World citation details[edit]

World Details

  • Depot 1 (0832 Delphi): "Imperial Navy Depots" Rebellion Sourcebook
  • Depot 2 (1205 Delphi): "Imperial Navy Depots" Rebellion Sourcebook
  • Ektuurim (0536 Delphi): "Snowblind" Challenge 45
  • Eta-Gu (0534 Delphi): "Snowblind" Challenge 45
  • Korbak (0533 Delphi): "TNS" Challenge 44; "Snowblind" Challenge 45
  • Patnor (0737 Delphi): "Eta-Gu Subsector" Challenge 45
  • Plauka (0431 Delphi): "Eta-Gu Subsector" Challenge 45
  • Regis (0436 Delphi): "Snowblind" Challenge 45
  • Vashtii (0732 Delphi): "Eta-Gu Subsector", "Snowblind" Challenge 45
- Keith Johnson



  • References are in the form [:]. Key:
    • AV =_Arrival Vengeance_;
    • C# = _Challenge Magazine_ issue #;
    • Reb = _MT:Rebellion Sourcebook_;
    • Sur = _Survival Margin_.
  1. AKLAN: Subsector I of Delphi. Dominated by the Ychean Empire prior to the Sylean Pacification Campaign. Not named Aklan at that time. [C45:??]
  2. ANAXIAS (1724 Delphi): A-253A85-D [Note: size and atmosphere incompatible; recommend changing size to 6 or 7]. [Sur:18, 21, 24, 25, 26, 29, 32, 35, 49, 51, 52, 62, 64]. See also 'Delphic Archive' and 'Rheanon'.
  3. ARMOND. Duke of Eta-Gu. [C45:??]
  4. BAKALA SETREE: Phycisian who has served Margaret's family's household since before 1080. [Sur:26]
  5. BLAINE TRULLA TUKERA: Count of ??????. Husband of Margaret. [Sur:24]
  6. BREDA: Subsector P of Delphi. The pocket empire [[Ral Ranta]) that still exists in Hinterworlds sector extended into Breda for some time prior to the Sylean Pacification Campaign. [C45:??]
  7. DELPHIC ARCHIVE: Information storage facility in Delphi, presumably located on Anaxias. Contains, among other things, genealogical and census data dating back to at least 572 (propably far longer), tax records dating back at least 25 years, and data on toxic waste disposal standards throughout Delphi sector [though this is IMO something Margaret enacts after the Rebellion has started]. Delphic Archive Data Repository [Sur:64]
  8. DEPOT 1 (0832 Delphi): ?-??????-?. [Reb:??]
  9. DEPOT 2 (1205 Delphi): ?-??????-?. [Reb:??]
  10. EKTUURIM (0536 Delphi): ?-????7?-?. Has at least one nation with a heavy concentration of Solomani Supremacists. [C45:??]
  11. FREE HUMAN LEAGUE: Loose coalition of worlds with a centralised military, existing from at least -530 (maybe earlier) to 132. Based in Eta-Gu (Delphi M) and Riamia (Massila P) subsectors. Traded with the Ychean Empire and Ral Ranta. Allied itself with the Imperium at an early date. Joined the Imperium in 132, formalising the existing state of affairs. See also 'Eta-Gu' and 'Vashtii'. [C45:??]
  12. ETA-GU: Subsector M of Delphi. Towards the end of the Long Night the location of the Free Human League. Capital is either Eta-Gu or Vashtii. Duchy of Duke Armond. [C45:??]
  13. ETA-GU (0534 Delphi): ?-??????-?. Subsector capital of Eta-Gu [but see Vashtii]. Was an important trading center during the RoM. During the Long Night its dominance faded, and by the time of the Sylean Federation it was a minor world in the Free Human League [So why choose it for Subsector Capital? A political compromise?]. [C45:??]
  14. GARRAN TRAINOR-HUGHES: Court official/Intelligence puke said to have been close to Margaret during her early years at Strephon's court. In the OTU he goes on to perpetrate the IRIS Hoax and winds up as "High Regent" of IRIS. [Sur:32, 35]
  15. GERVAISE TANZER: Naval officer. In the OTU he is, in 1126, a retired admiral and marquess loyal to Margaret. He organized the major shipbuilding programs that enabled Margaret to oppose the Solomani. [Sur:51, 52]
  16. HARDRASHAD, ULIC [sic]: A subsidiary of Sternmetal Horizons headquartered (or maybe just with an office) on Lashkagur. [Sur:31] Also see 'Tramina Sorghetti'. Hardrashad
  17. IBRIHIM CHU: In 1125 a middle-aged diplomatic representative of one of Zukhimie's nation-states. [AV:14]
  18. JULES PARTRAUM: Minor court official at Margaret's court. In the OTU he is Margaret's senior press aide in 1126. [Sur:51]
  19. KORBAK (0533 Delphi): ?-??????-?. [C45:??]
  20. LASHKAGUR (0830 Delphi): B-74498A-C. [Sur:31]
  21. OBERON: 2000-ton, Jump-3 Tukera Lines merchantman operating in Delphi. [Sur:31] Named Ship Oberon
  22. PATNOR (0737 Delphi): ?-??????-?. Had a civil war around 1050. [C45:??]
  23. PLAUKA (0431 Delphi): ?-??????-?. [C45:??]
  24. REGIS (0436 Delphi): ?-??????-?. [C45:??]
  25. RHEANON: Floating city located somewhere on Anaxias. [Sur:64]
  26. TANCRED VON HARRER: Nephew of Margaret. [Sur:29]
  27. TRAMINA SORGHETTI: Owner, manager, or spokesperson for Hardrashad, ULIC [sic] on Lashkagur. [Sur:31]
  28. VASHTII (0732 Delphi): ?-??????-?. Subsector capital of Eta-Gu [but see Eta-Gu]. Capital of the Free Human League from -530 to 132. Home to subsector duke Armond. [C45:??]
  29. YCHEAN EMPIRE: Pocket empire that dominated Aklan subsector (Delphi I) prior to the Sylean Pacification Campaign. Major trade partner of the Free Human League. [C45:??] Apparently not one of the two pocket empires in Delphi that resisted Imperial expansion. [Wars of the Imperium map].
  30. ZUKHIMIE (0313 Delphi): A-427979-B [In 1125 and 1129]. [Sur:60, AV:15] Has an unnamed arcology for its capital city. [AV:14] Diameter: 6,080 km; Density: 0.98; Mass: 0.123; Gravity: 0.492; Orbital Period: 4.1 years; Atmospheric Density: 0.10 (industrial pollutants); Hydrographics: 66% (tainted water); Base Temperature: 30 degrees C. [AV:15] See also 'Ibrihim Chu'.

TJonesLo Notes (2007)[edit]

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