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Welcome to Adventure!

In an effort to show how fully fleshed out a very remote and backwater system can be, adventure seeds abound among the various regions of the relatively low tech TL–7 for the most part, Unofficial (world). Relic and alien items are treasures for explorers to discover and marvel over. The low population density means that the actions of a tiny number of actors can literally shift the balance of power in this fragile ecosystem where life clings to barren rocks and an effort to survive.

This set of pages depicts a place that isn't within the Official Traveller Universe, but could be tucked into an Imperial backwater or found out beyond all states if you need it to be there. Or it can be used as its own setting.

Brought to the Traveller Wiki by Lord (Marquis), Captain, and Lead Naval Architect Ronald B. Kline, Jr. of the Imperial Navy and Lord (Marquis) and Master of Sophontology Maksim-Smelchak of the Ministry of Science.