Shoals Planetoid Belt

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The Shoals Planetoid Belt is a region that is the no man's land between the Middle System and the Unofficial Outer System.

  • It is a largely uncharted region which destroys trespasser's not equipped with the appropriate navigational aides.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Within the Unofficial (world) system the Shoals F000562-7 (3) with their three metallic mining clans, Iron, Gold, and Copper are nominally in control. Navigation across the shoals is said to be impossible without a Rockman's Navigational Rutter, and ships attempting the transit take asteroid hits and damage from flying through this belt.

Belters/Rockmen (mining, raw materials) 3 clans, Iron, Copper, Gold, (2,000) Rock Men 1.5 HP, immune to fire, low O2 requirements, reanimated human/silicate hybrids, AI crystalline cooperation. The shoals are home to a ragtag nomad fleet of belter migrants and refugees who never made it to a destination and decided to remain on the journey.

Belters Alliance Iron Clan Belters/Letter of Marguee from the Kingdom Villain Marquis Montalban, hostage grandfather (brilliant scientist) partial memory wiped, mind control implant, cortex bomb, Monolith (jump drive), gate way portal, "its full of stars" (has a Vercadian protector android)

ASTEROID BELTER CLANS/PIRATES Iron Gauntlet/Fist Clan, Port Centaur F000160-7

Iron Yacht, planetoid

YT 2801112-300000-00002-0 MCr. 44.74 200tons
2 missile batteries (6 launchers, 18 Leto Missiles) Crew 12 TL 7
Cargo: 13 tons   Passengers: 8 (royal retinue)  Fuel: 2 tons   EP: 2 Agility: 1   Marines: 6
Craft: 1 x 20T Gig, 1 x 30T Ship's Boat, 4 x 1T Land Mates
Architects Fee: MCr 0.447   Cost in Quantity: MCr 35.792

Software 2/4 multi target (hydra fire control), Pilot Engineer Steward Medic 2 gunners 6 Marines Captain/Pilot Owner Marquis Montabahn AAACCD age 46 7 terms 300,000, yacht ship's boat-2, leader-1, navigation-1, jack-o-trades-1, foil-3, bribery-1, liaison-1 8 Royal Retinue Captives 876282 (gambling-2, staggeringly stupid )

Iron Picket Patrol Boat

Dark Sleek Needle Wedge, yellow nuclear plasma rocket glow

PB-0102222-100000-00002-0 MCr. 24.785 30 tons
25 crew: pilot/gunner, 24 marines, 1 battery of missiles 9 Leto Missiles TL 7
Bridge w/23 additional couches (24 hrs)
Cargo: 2.2 tons Fuel: 1 ton EP: 0.6   Agility: 2   Marines: 24
Architects Fee: MCr 0.248   Cost in Quantity: MCr 19.868

Pilot/Gunner Baron Raymondo 999AAC age 42 6 terms 100,000 ships boat-2, gunner-2, vacuum suit-1, handgun-1, sword-1

Iron Pirate Gig
AG-0602221-000000-00002-0 MCr. 18.75 20 tons Converted Marine Assault Landing Saucer
6 crew pilot/gunner, 5 marines, 1 battery of missiles 6 Leto Missiles TL 7
Cargo: 0.4 tons   Fuel: 1 ton   EP: 0.400   Agility: 2   Marines: 5
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.188   Cost in Quantity: MCr 15

Pilot/Gunner Major Mendoza 88899A age 38 5 terms 50,000 ship's boat-1, gunner-1, vacuum suit-1, revolver-1, cutlass-1 Captive Princess/Governor's Daughter Bomb Pumped X-Ray Laser Lance (single shot factor 3 beam attack) 1 salvo of laser bombs (5) Death's Head Cyber Commandoes ABA662 34 4 terms Captain revolver-1, cutlass-1, battledress-1, HE wpns-1 Lieutenant ACR-2 Sergeant Major Laser Rifle-2 Sergeant LAG-2 Corporal demo-1 (2) thigh mounted breaching charges

Gold Dragon Clan, Space Port Starbury G000160-7

Pirate Asteroid Galleon
AP-28022B2-300000-00003-0 MCr. 81.68 200 tons
28 crew: pilot, engineer, medic, gunner, 24 marines, 1 battery of missiles Artemis missiles 6 racks, 18 missiles, TL 7
Bridge 14 staterooms (2 weeks)
Cargo: 48 tons Fuel: 4 tons   EP: 4 Agility: 2   Marines: 24
Architects Fee: MCr 0.817   Cost in Quantity: MCr 65.344

Computer 2 fib 3/6 target, launch, maneuver nav charts, schedule for a corporate merchant for the next 2 months, the ship The Cold Hind Captain/Owner Aboard (medic) Hunter S. Thompson 786998 age 46 7 terms, 10,000, "Safari Ship" hunting-1, computer-3, electronics-1, leader-1, medical-3 Ex-Scout Pilot: Captain Barbara "Easy Hand" Gray (friendly, very tall) 966966 age 38 5 terms pilot-1, rifle-1, bayonet-2, vac suit-1, mechanical-1 Engi Slave Naval Engineer: age 34 4 terms engineer-4 Rockman Ben Grimm Ex-Scout Gunner: age 30 3 terms pilot-1, gunner-4 Mantis Platoon 24 Warriors Cargo Hold: 3 tons of gold, Food, Modular Base, ATV, Hover Craft, AFV

Copper Clan, Space Port Latch-Tight H000000-7

Lucky Strike Buffered Asteroid Seeker
AP 1901111-600000-10000-0 MCr. 19.825 100tons
1 pulse mining laser battery, 7 crew, pilot, gunner, 5 marines
Cargo: 21 tons   Fuel: 1 ton   EP: 1   Agility: 0   
Features: 1 x 1T Mining Robot Grappling Arm 
Architects Fee: MCr 0.198   Cost in Quantity: MCr 15.86

Under the command of Captain Colin "Big Bird" Davies (braggart, muscular B69883), Rogue 38 5 terms, 70,000Cr, streetwise-1, ship's tactics-2, ship's boat-2, leader-1, brawling-1 is a battered seeker w/ a pulse laser mounted on a 100ton asteroid ship of the line originally out of Port Latch Tight. Its hold is currently filled with a 10ton cargo of tar (unprocessed hydrocarbons), 1 ton crystal glassware, 1 ton of red wood, 1 ton embroidered black fiber glass cloth armor. Software: 2/4 maneuver 1/0.1, select-3 1/1, gunner interact 1/1, "library" 1/0.3 a beautiful copy of Emily Gray the Black's Vile Doctrine of Trifold Chaos [select 3], digital copy of The Compendium of Space Craft (5+ to ID any craft in the system and list specs). The ship's first mate is Allan "Black Bird" Summers (bionics legs) 986984 Belter 38 5 terms, seeker, vacuum suit-1, prospecting-1, brawling-1, handgun-2 (spinning back kicks) HUD goggles w/tracking +1 to hit smart auto-pistol. This vessel's figurehead is a Copper Bird. Gunner: Emily Gray Pirate Lieutenant 748896 46 7 terms, 10,000 brawling-1, gunnery-4, shotgun-1, vacuum suit-1, tactics-1 Barbarian Warrior Luke "Big Crow" Cook (soft spoken) ABB696 30 3 terms sword-1, recon-1, survival-1, carousing-1, medical-1 (1d6 ampoules of medical slow, slow, combat drug) Sailor Moon 585AB9 46 7 terms Admiral 60,000 computer-3, nav-1, demo-1, battledress-1, commo-1, admin-1, water craft-1 Pirate Henchman Chester 7983A3 Age 30 3 terms 3,000 brawling-1, forgery-1, engineering-1, vacuum suit-1, zero-g cmbt-1, blade cmbt-1 Asteroid Mining Colony:3 Clans Iron, Copper and Gold

You come across an asteroid mining colony. They message you immediately, saying, "Greetings. Our supplies of mining explosives have run out ever since the Rebels blockaded this system. Do you have any extra explosives?"
1. (Missile Weapon) Offer to solve their problem by launching a missile.
"While I appreciate your enthusiasm, we have certain protocols for the use of explosives around the workplace. Launching a military grade weapon into our mines isn't exactly what I'd call 'union-friendly'."
Option is removed; can still select from remaining options.
2. Give them the requested 5 missiles.
They thank you and offer to have their engineers repair some of your ship's hull.
Lose 5 missiles and receive 10 repairs.
They thank you and offer to have their engineers upgrade your reactor.
Lose 5 missiles and get your reactor upgraded by 1 maximum power.
They thank you for your generosity and offer some scrap in exchange.
Lose 5 missiles and receive 15-25 scrap.
3. Give them 15 missiles.
"Wow. This will help our efforts considerably." They offer to have their engineers fix up your ship and upgrade your reactor.
Lose 15 missiles, receive 15 repairs, and get your reactor upgraded by 1 maximum power.
"Wow. This will help our efforts considerably. What could I offer for your troubles..." After some time they deliver a ship :Augment for installation on your ship.
Lose 15 missiles and recieve a random augment.
"Wow. This will help our efforts considerably. Let me see what I can scrounge up to offer you." They deliver some scrap and have :their team try to repair part of your hull.
Lose 15 missiles, receive 5 repairs, and 30-40 scrap.
4. Decline.
"I understand. Good luck out there. We'll try to make do with what we have."

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Historically this is the main source for planetoid hulls and hull metals in general.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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