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A Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) is a weapon which uses non-kinetic types of energy as its primary agent of damage with little to no guidance.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A DEW weapon is any one of a number of weapons which fire a highly energized beam of ionized gas at their targets, causing damage by their intense heat and kinetic energy. Hydrogen fuel is heated to a plasma state by a powerful laser ignition system, then released through a magnetically focussed field along the weapon's barrel.

The class can be further subdivided into plasma and fusion guns. Fusion guns contain the plasma slightly longer until a fusion reaction begins to take place. The extra firepower this produces makes the fusion gun the more powerful weapon in this class.

Energy weapons range in size from man-portable models, through battlefield weapons mounted on tanks, to starship turret weapons for use in deep space. The largest are contained in large batteries known as bays or in starship-length sized fittings called spinal mounts.

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DEW Weapons[edit]

DEW weapons fall into three basic categories:

Energy Weapons / Laser Weaponry[edit]

  1. Energy Pistols
    1. Laser Pistol
  2. Energy Rifles
    1. Laser Carbine
    2. Laser Rifle
  3. Energy Heavy Weapons
    1. Advanced Laser
    2. Laser
  4. Energy Specialty Weapons
    1. Energy Weapon

Explosive Weaponry & Grenades[edit]

High Energy Explosives:

  1. Gravitron Spike
  2. Ion Charge
  3. Neutron Charge
  4. Plasma Charge

High Energy Weaponry[edit]

  1. Disintegrator Weaponry
    1. Disintegrator Pistol
    2. Disintegrator Rifle
  2. Plasma Weaponry
    1. PGMP-12
    2. PGMP-13
    3. PGMP-14
    4. Plasma Rifle
  3. Heavy Plasma Weaponry
    1. Plasma Bazooka
  4. Fusion Weaponry
    1. FGMP-14
    2. FGMP-15
    3. FGMP-16
    4. Fusion Rifle
  5. Heavy Fusion Weaponry
    1. 10.9 MJ Fusion Cannon
    2. Fusion Bomb

Exotic Energy Weapons[edit]

  1. Exotic Energy Weaponry
    1. Disintegrator Weapon
    2. Flasher
    3. Lightning Bolt
    4. Neural Weaponry
    5. Relativity Rifle
  2. Flame Weaponry
    1. Conventional Flamethrower
    2. Greek Fire Projector
    3. High Energy Flamethrower
  3. Jump Weaponry
    1. Jump Damper
    2. Jump Projector
  4. Particle Beam Weaponry
    1. A-PAWs
    2. C-PAWs
    3. N-PAWs
    4. R-PADs
  5. Sonic Weaponry
    1. Hazer
    2. ULF Pistol

DEW Artillery[edit]

  1. Meson Weaponry
    1. Deep Site Meson Weapon
    2. Meson Accelerator

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Around the TL:7-9 epoch, Energy Weapons or DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), also known as Beam Weapons or Projected Energy Weapons become a significant part of the battlefield. They start as rangefinders and target designators and eventually become a significant weapon for armored vehicles (AFVs), fighting ships, and even as infantry smallarms as the technology is miniaturized. [1]


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