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Fusion Weapons are a type of High-Energy Weapon that fires a stream of hydrogen plasma at fusion temperatures.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Fusion weapons channel out heated plasma at higher temperatures than plasma weaponry, heating the energy projectile to fusion temperatures.

FGMP (Fusion Gun, Man Portable) - Heavy Support Weapon[edit]

The FGMP-14 is similar in design and function to the PGMP-13. The FGMP-14 differs only in that it contains the plasma slightly longer until a fusion reaction begins to take place The weapon is somewhat more powerful than a plasma gun, and it may only be used by individuals wearing Battle Dress.

  • The FGMP-15 incorporates a gravity field generator similar to that used on the PGMP-14 and a weapon system similar to that of the FGMP-14.
  • The FGMP-16 is an advanced, lighter-weight version of the FGMP-15 with all of its features.

Naval Fusion Guns - Warship Equipment[edit]

Prototype ship-mounted versions are available starting at TL-12, being to the TL-11 naval plasma gun what the FGMP-14 is to the PGMP-13. By TL:13-15, fusion weapons become tried, removing earlier production difficulties, and become widespread across interstellar fleets.

Prototype Fusion Rifle - Personal Weapon[edit]

The Fusion Rifle is a highly advanced, very portable version of the earlier FGMP weapons. Fusion rifles are projected to become available somewhere at or beyond TL-17, within the TL:16-18 tech epoch. Such technological guesswork is all conjecture.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Fusion weapons are considered a development of earlier plasma weapon technologies, which originally wouldn't work due to energy dissipation, but thanks to gravity control technology, these high energy bolts can be channel down field. Fusion weapons take it a step farther and push the plasma to a hotter reaction. Both weapons are considered to be developed in the interstellar period.

In the TL:10-12 tech epoch, the weapons are cutting edge, a new technology that are mostly used by naval warships although other applications exist. By TL:13-15, the technology has been used in widespread applications across AFV's and MBT's. The weapon reaches the infantry and power armor troops as the FGMP series. By TL:16-18, it is hoped that fusion weapons will be miniaturized to the rifle, carbine, and pistol levels.

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