Laser Pistol

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Laser Pistol
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Laser Pistol, gripped and ready
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level TL–TBD
Size TBD
Weight TBD
Cost TBD
Ammo TBD
Manufacturer TBD

A Laser Pistol laser is a high technology energy weapon, a sidearm.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The early Laser Pistol is an experimental model pistol which functions much the same as a laser carbine or laser rifle, but has lighter weight and a much handier length. It still requires a power pack (laser carbine or laser rifle power pack may be used).

This laser pistol fires as if it were a slightly inferior laser carbine. It is less effective at medium range or greater ranges.

The tech level 8 laser carbine is used as a range finder and target designator, as well as a personal weapon in an emergency.

Image Repository[edit]

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Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Pistol length: 350mm. Pistol weight: 750 grams. Base Price: Cr2000.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Non-canon: Fantek Personal Defense Inc. FPD 20-B

The FPD 20-B is a 20 shot, magazine fed laser pistol which was adopted by the armed forces of the Zhodani Consulate in limited numbers starting in 1082. As the first weapons entered front line service problems developed fairly soon. Initially the training officers welcomed it but when the program went beyond the “train the trainer” phase and into actual service the troops began having issues.

The FPD 20-B is heavier than most pistols causing almost universal rejection by commandos who prefer each piece of kit to be as light as possible. The weapon is semi automatic only which is a reduction of firepower compared to the gauss pistol. The bore is 2cm which is the same as the rifle, the recoil created issues for persons of small stature, who have problems firing the weapons accurately.

Within five years, all had been sent back to the armory, and transferred to the Sword Worlds military. This was part of the Zhodani military assistance program which is a common strategy of diplomacy between the two nations.

The SW military embraced the weapons and have even turned out numerous licensed copies.

Technological Overview of the Laser Pistol[edit]

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