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Handguns are weapons designed to be fired with a single manipulator from a sophont.

  • They are also known as sidearms among other terms.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Selected Handguns[edit]

  1. 17mm Paint Pellet Gun
  2. 4mm Gauss Pistol
  3. 5mm Revolver
  4. Automatic Snub Pistol
  5. Autopistol
  6. Body Pistol
  7. CP-03 class Pistol
  8. Disintegrator Pistol
  9. Fusion Pistol
  10. Gauss Pistol
  11. II Enri Auto Pistol
  12. Laser Pistol
  13. Magnum Revolver
  14. Muzzle-loading Pistol
  15. P-35 "Cobra" 5.5mm Gauss Pistol
  16. P35 Gauss Pistol
  17. Percussion Revolver
  18. Polymer One-shot Pistol
  19. Revolver
  20. Revolver Snub Pistol
  21. Rocket Pistol
  22. Snub Pistol
  23. Splat Gun
  24. Staple Gun
  25. Submachinegun
  26. Taser
  27. ULF Pistol

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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