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The title of Grand Duke was the highest level of noble title in the Sylean Federation, and was held by the most prominent aristocratic families of the polity.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The office of President of the Sylean Grand Senate was nominally elected rather than being hereditary, though in practice it was retained by the Grand Dukes of Sylea, who were elected to the office for life by the Sylean Grand Senate.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In practice, during the final century or so of the Sylean Federation and before it became the Third Imperium in Year 0, the position of President of the Sylean Grand Senate was monopolized by members of the Zhunastu family.

Upon the establishment of the Third Imperium, the title of Grand Duke was largely abandoned, its prior holders becoming Dukes under the new Imperial system of titles. In order to pacify the inevitable "bruising of noble egos" that would result from this restructuring, Emperor Cleon I established, the title of Archduke as a non-hereditary honorific title to reward certain Dukes for loyal service. Such Archdukes were required to abdicate both their Dukedoms and the associated voting rights in the Moot to their designated heirs, but in return they were granted the general oversight of Moot proceedings and/or granted privileged status within the Emperor's court as close advisors.

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