Imperial Law

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Most Imperial legislation is classified as an act or an edict.

Imperial High Law[edit]

The Third Imperium is concerned with the following goals of Imperial High Law:

  • 1. Emperor & Nobility: The Imperial High Laws should first of all establish the hierarchy of the Nobility with the Emperor, of course, at the peak of the power structure.
  • 2. Imperial Military & Scout Service: The Second priority should be the establishment of Imperial military forces (Navy, Marines, Army, and Imperial Interstellar Scout Service) and laws/rules of war/expansion.
  • 3. Imperial Taxes & Tribute: Third should be the system of taxes and tribute.
  • 4. Imperial Federalism: Most remaining authority could be delegated to Sector Dukes and Subsector Barons.

Please see High Laws for more information.

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Other Legislation[edit]
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