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The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for encouraging trade and commerce between the member worlds of the Third Imperium, and collecting tariffs, taxes, duties, and fines.


The largest component of the ministry is the Starport Authority.

  • This organization operates all Imperial starports, and thus has control over the port facilities for the vast majority of interstellar trade.
  • It also enforces most of the Imperial laws and regulations governing trade and commerce.
  • These functions make the Starport Authority very powerful and very large.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In addition to the Starport Authority, the Ministry has the following duties:

  • Trading Standards Bureau: A purely advisory board, advising the emperor on matters of trade and commerce.
  • Imperial Shipping Commission: Monitors the custom duties and restrictions set by member worlds, deciding if they constitue interference in Imperial trade. It also collects shipping information, records ship registries and crew licences, and acts as an advocate for starship crews in disputes over pay or working conditions.
  • Imperial Treasury: Consists of two parts.
    • Office of the Mint: Issues Imperial currency from several sector and subsector minting intstallations. Also generates a small income from the sale of commemorative currenty to collectors.
    • The Monetary board: The advisory panel to the Emperor on long term economic and monetary issues.

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