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A Prince or Princess is a close member of the Imperial Family, and is generally referred to by the title Prince/Princess followed by the given name of the individual. The title is generally applied to the direct descendants of the Emperor or Empress, his or her siblings and their descendants, his or her first cousins, as well as their spouses.

Princes and Princesses often (but not always) have lesser subsidiary noble titles of their own as well.

  • The Vilani term for an inheriting Prince or heir is Karand.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Prince or Princess may have territories or fiefdoms associated with their princely title independent of their subsidiary titles, and may (at the Emperor's pleasure) include a world generally retained as a private reserve, and/or 256 terrain hexes on worlds scattered across the Third Imperium. If the Emperor is pleased to grant the Prince any type of special authority in regard to some or all of these holdings due to their status, the area or sphere of authority can technically be called a Principality or Princedom, although such usage is archaic and rarely employed in the modern era.

  • A Prince or Princess is normally styled "Your Highness".
  • The designated heir-apparent to the Iridium Throne is generally granted the title of "Grand Prince/Princess" or "Imperial Prince/Princess" upon reaching the age of majority, and is afterward styled either "Your Majesty" or "Your Imperial Highness".

Entitlement Synopsis[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The titles of Prince and Grand Prince were first established by Emperor Cleon I at the foundation of the Third Imperium. The titles are formally bestowed by Imperial proclamation.

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