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The Ya’soisthea is an Aslan political institution, a council of clans similar to the much more powerful and influential Tlaukhu.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Ya’soisthea is based out of Afeakter (Trojan Reach 1835), and has limited influence throughout Trojan Reach Sector as well as Beyond and Riftspan Reaches sectors.

  • It is far less formal but much more flexible and tolerant of different beliefs than the Tlaukhu, and has been willing to accept the ‘deviant’ clans who fled Hierate space during the Aslan Cultural Purge. The long-term goals of the Ya’soisthea include the destruction of the Glorious Empire and the development of the Trojan Reach clans.

The council of clans meets on a different world each year but Afeakter is the home of the council’s bureaucracy and support staff. The clans of the Ya’soisthea have their own currency, the Soitshi, which is roughly comparable to the credit. Clan status and membership in the council is much more fluid than in the Tlaukhu.

Clan Membership[edit]

Twelve clans currently make up the council:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Ya’soisthea was originally formed by the Wahoi and Aroaye'i clans and their vassals in –802, to cope with the communications delay back to Kusyu (Dark Nebula 1226), and to address the Tlaukhu's general disinterest in the Trojan Reach.

  • While the Ya’soisthea was originally modeled on the Tlaukhu it never adopted the same reforms that the Hierate’s governing council went through several centuries later.

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