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An Unknown Native Language is noted when the medium of communication between members of a sophont species isn't known, even with significant study.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

There are four reasons for this current lack of knowledge.

  1. The race is extinct and has left insufficient archeological artifacts to be able to reconstruct the methods of communication and details of the language.
  2. Proto-Sophont's who have not yet developed a comprehensive language. There may be some communications but a number of important concepts have not been developed.
  3. The race has, for cultural reasons, refused to allow study of the language.
  4. The mode of communication is not yet understood. The race may have language and communication but in a way not recognized.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Case Study: Oynprith & the Ancients[edit]

Case Studies: The Ancients, a now long extinct and highly advanced race. Despite the numerous artifacts uncovered on multiple worlds there is no good understanding of the language of the ancients.

Case Study: Vorstin & their Unknown Native Language[edit]

Case Studies: The Vorstin of Traltha (Spinward Marches 2834) are a proto-sophont, staging coordinated attacks on the human settlements. The isolation of the world and their xenophobic reaction to researchers has made understanding of their developing language a challenge.

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