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The Universal World Profile (UWP) is a set of codes describing the qualities and characteristics of a world. In some older, early Imperial circles, it has been known as the Universal Planetary Profile or UPP, but not to be confused with the Universal Personality Profile.

Description (Specifications)

The UWP is an encoding scheme consisting of 8 alphanumeric codes in a specific sequence. Each digit encodes a specific characteristic of the individual world. The encoding allows for a compact notation about many of the most important characteristics. This allows the UWP, and the data it encodes, to be included in a compact file format and, in some cases, directly on the map.

The encoding fields in order and meanings. Please see the individual articles on these characteristics for the detailed meanings of their values.

The starport is the center of trade for the system, and a port for any visiting starships. The value encoded is the quality of the port and ranges from A (the best and most extensive) to E (the worst, little more than a spot of cleared ground), and X. The secondary set of spaceport ratings includes F, G, H, and Y.
Encoding indicates the diameter of the world in thousands of miles. The size is also an indicator of surface gravity and likely atmospheric density.
Encoding indicates in general the atmospheric density, and presence of dangerous taints requiring additional breathing gear. EHex values over C indicate special conditions for the atmosphere.
Encoding indicated percentage of the world surface covered with oceans of water. For some atmosphere types (A, B, C) the fluid may be something other than water. The presence of water indicates the possibility of wilderness refueling on the planet surface.
Encoding is the order of magnitude of the number of sophonts living on the world or in the entire system. For example a population code of 3 indicated there will be Thousands (103) sophonts on the world.
Encoding indicates a specific type of government which the rule over the world or system. Please see the article to deciper which specific government exists.
Law Level
Encoding indicates a general level of density of the legal system and law enforcement with values ranging from 0 to F. Low values indicate relatively few laws and lax enforcement, with higher values indicating more complex legal systems and more assertive enforcement of the laws.
Technology Level
Encodes a general level of ability with technology. Technology level encompasses both a understanding of technology and the infrastructure capability to manufacture and distribute the items of technology. Lower levels indicate a poorer understanding of the technology and lack the ability to manufacture items.

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