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Notes (2019)[edit]

K'kree Space Development:
The sectors that have the mainworld physical stats need to have their K'kree socials done. This is not done with the normal process, but with the one published in the CT Alien Module for them, with some procedural changes.

Team (Summer 2019)[edit]


Step 1[edit]


  • -Determine stellar distribution
  • -For each system, generate starport, size, atmosphere, and hydrographic percentage ( occurs to me that I removed ports from the placeholder sectors, so generate them again)
  • For each system, determine the K'kree Population DMs (KPD) as in AM2.
    • Roll 2d6 for 3+, applying the KPD.
    • ---Failed roll is a Client Contract World (either trade code Cc or allegiance "Kc"), which is generated using the regular rules.
    • ---Successfull roll indicates a K'kree or native population. Roll 2d6 for 12+.
      • -----Success indicates a native Client Race's homeworld, which is generated using the regular rules except that population will be 1d+6.
      • -----Failure indicates a K'kree world, which is then rolled as in AM2.

This lacks some of the elegance of the normal process, to be sure, but gets about the ratios I'm looking for.

NIL Generation[edit]

Note that worlds that look like good candidates for NIL but which end up as K'kree worlds can be noted with an "(X)" in the trade codes to represent an empty NIL slot. We can then replace that code later, either removing its candidacy or telling its story with some tragic hints about the carnivores that used to live there.

World Naming[edit]

I am open to people naming worlds, not-yet-named subsectors, and surviving (or dead) sophont races. I already have some in mind which have not been precisely placed, and some which have. K'kree word generators have a high incidence of tongue tanglers, so anyone naming things should be filtering instead of copy-paste en mass.

T5SS Design Parameters[edit]

Three requests from me, if K'kree UWP social data is being fleshed out...

  • Make the data to conform to T5SS requirements, i.e. include the new Ix/Ex/Cx fields. Ix is mechanical, bit Ex and Cx require die rolls
  • If any new sophont population codes are used, please provide a table of codes/names.
  • Get clarity on Gov codes for K'kree worlds vs. T5 codes. For example:

In Classic Traveller Gov codes P/Q/R are specific to K'kree. T5 does not define these. Options include:

  • (1) T5SS data goes beyond T5 rules, and we use these codes, or...
  • (2) we map these to the closest T5 codes. Either is fine, we have precedent for both in other places - we just need to pick. If we go with (1) then we also need to define Law rules.

(This came up with some Hiver world rework that was going on as well. Right now my consistency checks are complaining that most Hiver worlds have UWP errors since they violate the T5 rules. Not a problem, except it makes other errors harder to spot.)

K'kree Government Codes[edit]

The K'kree government codes were entirely population indexed before. The problem with converting to T5 standards is that the government of the K'kree doesn't necessarily have a high enough value to lead to their draconian law level.

T5 UWP does have the tools available to allow the K'kree to be switched en masse to whatever they actually are, though. The Noble field allows K'kree worlds to be noted as core, developed, or emerging with a simple map of Noble codes to the three stages seen in CT.

Which opens the question of what the governing structure actually is. The K'kree are going to be the same top to bottom, though we can get away with tagging all emerging worlds as Govt 6. And client sophonts use the standard rules already.

Are the Two Thousand Worlds a Charismatic Dictatorship? A Non-Charismatic Dictatorship? A harsh Feudal Technocracy?

K'kree Space[edit]

This astrographic region is primarily located in the following areas:
Charted Space:

  1. Bar'kakr Sector
  2. Gh!hken Sector
  3. Gn'hk'r Sector
  4. Gur Sector
  5. Gzirr!k'l Sector
  6. Kilong Sector
  7. Luretiir!girr Sector
  8. Nuughe Sector
  9. Raakaan Sector
  10. Ruupiin Sector
  11. Un'k!!k'ng Sector
  12. Uuk Sector
  13. Xaagr Sector
  14. X'kug Sector

Project Bailiwick (2019)[edit]

  1. Bar'kakr Sector
  2. Gn'hk'r Sector
  3. Gur Sector
  4. Gzirr!k'l Sector
  5. Kilong Sector
  6. Nuughe Sector
  7. Raakaan Sector
  8. Ruupiin Sector
  9. Un'k!!k'ng Sector
  10. Uuk Sector
  11. Xaagr Sector
  12. X'kug Sector

Gypsy Comet Bailiwick[edit]

The last three sectors that need maps are still in my hands, as is Luretiir!girr. Areas beyond K'kree space to Trailing should be left alone for the moment, unless Marc has a sense for whether there should be anything out there.

  1. Luretiir!girr Sector

Last Sector Mention[edit]

While we're at it, the K'kree worlds in Gh'hken are not done with the K'kree process.

  1. Gh!hken Sector