Shial Subsector

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Shial Subsector
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Sector Foreven
No. of Stars 20
Majority Control Zhodani Consulate - 94%
2nd Control Non-Aligned - 6%
Map Key Map Key

The subsectors 1116 Population was 190 Million, and the highest tech level was 14 at Jdieshaqra and Ibiedl. The 1202 Population is 640 Million, and the highest tech level is the same. The subsector is named after an Admiral Shialtlasche, who commanded a Zhodani Fleet in the First Frontier War.

Shial (Foreven C) Subsector is defended by the famed 7th Fleet from its base at Ibiedl (1807). The 7th is most famous for helping spearhead the capture of Porozlo in the Third Frontier War, which helped end the war to the Consulate's advantage. The 7th participated in operations in Vilis Subsector in the Fifth Frontier War, support attacks against Vilis, Tanoose and Frenzie. The fleet suffered severe losses at Frenzie in 1109, and again while defending Narval against the Imperial 193rd Fleet the following year. The fleet, which had previously been stationed in Cronor/Spinward Marches, was sent to Shial to recuperate, changing places with the 12th Fleet.

Currently the 7th acts as an "aggressor" force in wargames with other Zhodani fleets sent here for training. Since the Collapse the fleet has mostly replicated Vampire Fleets composed of mixed Imperial and Vargr equipment and tactics, but added Zhodani equipment about ten years ago as a contingency. This latter capacity has been recently expanded, as the spector of civil fighting increasingly dominates local defense planning.

Shial was only lightly populated when the Third Imperium and the Zhodani first contacted each other. In the wake of rising tensions, the Zhodani military took over many of the subsectors empty worlds, and converted them into marshalling grounds, test ranges and training facilities for operations against the Imperials. Most of the local population remains employed either by the military, or in support of it. The few agricultural worlds that are found here sell most of their products directly to the Naval Commissary for consumption by its personnel. Shial's relative security made it attractive to the navy as an R&R facility for its fleets, as well as a peaceful station for units undergoing battle recovery and/or major reorganisation.

The Zhodani Civil War has created massive turmoil locally. The murky information that has so far reached Shial has nevertheless shocked many into paralysis, and there are endless desultory debates within government chambers as to the best course of action. Fortunately cooler heads have prevailed, and the subsector council is belatedly acting to help allieviate the refugee crisis, and draw up contingency plans for local defence. The subsector has made clear its loyalty to the Consulate, and its bases have been offered up to Iadr Nsobl as staging and training facilities for possible military expansion.

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