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A Sophont is a lifeform that has evolved past "animal cognizance" into sentience.

  • Sentience is characterized by many different combinations of talents, but chief among these is the use of technology for problem-solving.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Most Imperial scientists consider "technology", in its most base form to be "environmental manipulation, in whatever manner is physically possible for that specific race." Technology is more than starships and fancy gadgets, it also includes the vast number of philosophies, method of social organization, government types, and the many other cornerstones of technological civilization.

Minor & Major Races[edit]

Races are broadly divided into two categories: Major Race and Minor Race. The commonly accepted criteria for major race status is the invention of the Jump Drive.

  • Critics point out the division is arbitrary as many of the minor races were contacted before they had the opportunity to invent the drive. Sophontologists agree the proper criteria is based upon the expansion drive of the race. All the Major Races except the Droyne dominate regions that cover multiple sectors, but the definition nevertheless stands and makes the Droyne count as a major race.
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Humaniti & Variants[edit]

The Minor Human Races are offshoots of Humaniti, believed to be scattered to the stars by the Ancients about 300,000 years ago. Imperial scientists and researchers have found archaeological evidence of more than one hundred of these human races left throughout charted space, although fewer than fifty have managed to survive to the modern day.

Other Categories[edit]

And there a few alien species types that rely on cultural or genetic differences that cannot be well categorized elsewhere:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The IISS supports many official alien species (races). There is a summary list of races categorized in the Library. For non-sentient life, please see the library file Creatures for more information.

Technology Metrics[edit]

The Imperium uses a Technology level system to measure the technological development of an alien species (sophont) or civilization.

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