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The Psionics Suppressions (800 to 820) which the public opinion was turned against the use of Psionics and probably every organization or institution teaching or studying Psionics was shut down. As a result of the Psionics Suppressions, the use of Psionics is now taboo within the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The revelation of scandals (financial, ethical, and moral) within the Psionics Institutes in the years 772 to 798 resulted in a shift in public opinion against the institute. Over a twenty-six year period, various institute charters were cancelled, leading figures jailed or otherwise repressed, and restrictive laws passed limiting or prohibiting the practice of psionics. Many institute figures went underground, to espouse their cause in a type of guerrilla war.

History and background[edit]

In the latter half of the 700's, high Imperial figures (the Office of the Emperor and the Intelligence Agency) became convinced that the approximately 60% of the psionics institutes within the region spinward of the Corridor Sector were being financed, at least in part, by Zhodani money. Indeed, there is a natural affinity between the institutes and the Zhodani (with their long-standing history of psionics study and training). The Zhodani were believed to be laying the groundwork for a "fifth column" to operate in Imperial space during a war planned to break out between 810 and 820. The Imperium moved to combat this.


Popular prejudice against Psionics continues to the present day. The average citizen will admit to a general dislike of psionics, and if pressed, will usually state that psionics violates a person's right of mental privacy.

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

This is some of the more important history associated with this event:

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