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The Imperium conducted the Psionics Suppressions due to evidence that the Psionics Institutes were under Zhodani influence and possibly control. However, the Imperium still maintains chartered Psionics Institutes, which are still engaged in psionics research, under strict military control and the utmost of secrecy.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The cancellation of the charters of the various Psionic Institutes effectively removed them from the community. They have continued to exist at all only because psionics gives such an important advantage to those who have it against enforcement officials.

Action & Legislation[edit]

Sixty-five psionic institutes held Imperial charters in 800. The suppression orders issued by Paula II, which appeared over a period of ten years, first "suppressed" the various charters, rendering them temporarily suspended and then revoked them at a later date.

  • Sixty-five suppression orders were issued, numbers 2 through 66 (SO 1 was a general order to the realm concerning the issue), followed by 65 orders for revocation (SO67 to SO131). Of these, actual records indicate that SO 83 and SO 96 were themselves revoked by orders published elsewhere.
  • The result is that a cursory examination of the SO files will reveal all Imperial charters of psionics institutes to have been revoked.

Hidden Aftermath[edit]

In actuality, two (2) institutes retained their charters under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense.

  1. One institute, however, even now remains at its original site, at Terra (Solomani Rim 0207). The revocation order was canceled in 1014.
  2. Another institute, which was originally sited at Regina, has now been reestablished at Wypoc (Spinward Marches 0401), but it retains a low level recruiting establishment as part of the Navy base at Regina.

Both Imperial-chartered Psionics Institutes are under military control, and are engaged in psionics research. Their existence is of the utmost secrecy.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the latter half of the 700s, high Imperial figures (including the Office of the Emperor and the Intelligence Agency) became convinced that the approximately 60 percent of the psionics institutes within the region spinward of the Corridor sector were being financed, at least in part, by Zhodani money. Indeed, there IS a natural affinity between the institutes and the Zhodani (with their long-standing history of psionics study and training). The Zhodani were believed by many at that time to be laying the groundwork for a "fifth column" to operate in Imperial space during a war planned to break out between 810 and 820. The Imperium moved to combat this.

Psionic Scandal[edit]

Evidence of scandal was uncovered (or perhaps it was merely fabricated) and released with careful attention to public opinion. Simultaneously, high level officials at the sector and subsector levels were apprised of the true situation, and both the Zhodani and the Vargr states were informed, through private channels, that the Imperium knew of the upcoming war and was prepared for it. War was averted, but the suppressions succeeded far better than even the Imperium had envisioned. Public opinion swung widely against psionics and became solidified in the form of strong local laws and customs against psionics.

The suppression campaign continued for twenty-six years before its formal halt. Many small, local campaigns have occurred since.

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