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The Ksekgizoksdhaerzluenoe was a small Vargr-controlled Vargr (and Souggvuez) interstellar state of (never more than) nine worlds located on the Imperial border in Million Subsector of Deneb Sector.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]



The Ksekgizoksdhaerzluenoe was formed after the Imperium appeared in the Khouth Cluster. As a trading block, it felt that the strength of the forces now arrayed against the Vargr would be overwhelming and that the way to prosper was to temporarily forgo raiding and concentrate on more peaceful pursuits. Within 20 years, trade routes into the Atsak Federation and across the border into the Corridor Sector were driving a thriving economy. By 100, this comprised Unekh (Deneb 2603), Talon (Deneb 2704), Akkip (Deneb 2804), Fel (Deneb 2904), Ikhaba (Deneb 2905), Oluk Dzas (Deneb 3004) and Aerfor (Deneb 3104).

Naturally, success drove resentment and jealousy. This attracted corsairs to interdict the trade and that pressure helped destabilise the Atsak Federation, and when the Ksekgizoksdhaerzluenoe lost out to the Imperium in taking control of its trade, this caused the state to fracture. Ikhaba (Deneb 2905) and Akkip (Deneb 2804) went Independent; Fel (Deneb 2904), and Aerfor (Deneb 3104) created the Sandherroerghdoe Kaefoulto.


After the division, the Ksekgizoksdhaerzluenoe was reduced to just three worlds - Unekh (Deneb 2603), Talon (Deneb 2704) and the new member, Fosfog (Deneb 2702).

Vargr Campaigns[edit]

The Vargr Campaigns saw the state under still further pressure from the Imperium and the Sandherroerghdoe Kaefoulto. Aid from the Duchy of Atsah was accepted by Talon (Deneb 2704) but the price was dissolution. Thus the state eventually failed.


Fosfog (Deneb 2702) refused to lay down arms against the Imperium and formed a small alliance, the Kloellnugdhungkidztse, in 326. Talon (Deneb 2704) remained an unattached planet for nearly 650 years.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

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