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Iris Valves are pressure-tight automatic portals set in bulkheads.[1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Iris Valves: Iris valves function much like the iris of a camera; many panels retract into the frame to leave an open passage, or extend to block the portal with solid metal. Iris valves may be vertical or horizontal. The deck plan symbols chart shows the various combinations possible. Iris valves are operated by pressing a stud on the wall next to the valve. A valve may be locked from either side or from the ship's computer with a red light on the stud panel to indicate locking. Open valves cannot be forcibly closed.[2]

Iris valves are difficult to force open once fully closed. It takes considerable strength to force open a closed iris valve; a sophont attempting forcing the valve in a vacc suit may face dexterity challenges. Gunfire and explosions will simply block the valve tighter. Iris valves close automatically when a pressure difference is sensed between the two sides of the bulkhead. They will not close completely until all foreign objects (manipulators, peds, etc.) are clear of the valve.[3]

It operates by a series of leaves or vanes which rotate in from the outer edge of the circular opening to meet in the center. The compact nature of the iris valve allows installing in a confined space while still leaving the opening unobstructed.[4]

Image Repository[edit]

  1. An Iris Valve, Manual Hatch, and a Sliding Door on a horizontal plane.
    Trav-Portals-CT-Traders-and-Gunboats-pg-6 04-June-2019a.jpg
  2. An Lift Shaft, Manual Hatch, and Iris Valve on the vertical plane.
    Trav-Vertical-Portals-CT-Traders-and-Gunboats-pg-7 04-June-2019a.jpg
Deck Plan Symbols
Late Key Diagram Early Key Diagram
Trav-Deck-Plan-Symbology-Supp-7-Traders-and-Gunboats-page-5 04-June-2019a.jpg Trav-Deck-Plan-Symbology-CT-Snapshot 04-June-2019a.jpg

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The general use of an Iris valve is in various industrial applications as a control valve for chemicals, dairy, food, minerals, plastics and pharmaceuticals. Iris valves are often used to handle friable products because of their gentle closing action. Many companies utilize iris valves as a means of shutting off material being discharged from bulk bags.

Iris valves are also used as a door mechanism on some kinds of controlled environment constructions, like a starship or an orbital complex. Usually installed on a ladder access between levels, the iris valve allows closing the access point (...important for preserving atmosphere in case of a breach) without the extra mounting of a door and in the confined space between floors.

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