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Lift Shafts are elevators used to carry personnel or goods between decks.[1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Lift Shaft: A shaft extends between decks, with pressure-tight doors preserving the integrity of each deck. A pressure tight lift car, sealed by an air-tight door, runs inside the shaft; the shaft is closed off by a simple sliding door when the lift is not present.[2]

Generally, a lift shaft will have only one lift car. On large ships ( the 10,000-ton or greater range), there may be a system with several lift cars, branching shafts, and computer-controlled lift car control to show availability.[3]

Image Repository[edit]

  1. An Lift Shaft, Manual Hatch, and Iris Valve on the vertical plane.
    Trav-Vertical-Portals-CT-Traders-and-Gunboats-pg-7 04-June-2019a.jpg
Deck Plan Symbols
Late Key Diagram Early Key Diagram
Trav-Deck-Plan-Symbology-Supp-7-Traders-and-Gunboats-page-5 04-June-2019a.jpg Trav-Deck-Plan-Symbology-CT-Snapshot 04-June-2019a.jpg

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Versions of vertical access to lower or higher areas of a structure or ship have been around almost as long as technology has. As soon as sophonts learn how to use found tools to make better tools, stairs, escalators and lifts are sure to follow.

Expected Lift Development Sequence[edit]


Foundational Period Technologies[edit]

Interstellar Period Technologies[edit]

Ultra Period Technologies[edit]

  • TL:19-27: No one is quite sure what will come in this period, however, many expect that psionic telekinetic and nanotechnological technologies will greatly affect domicile and starship construction.

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