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A Ped is an appendage on an organism used primarily for locomotion.

  • Humans typically call them a foot or feet.
  • In humans, the attached limb is typically called a leg.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Most creatures or sophonts use limbs or appendages specialized towards one of two ends:

  1. Specialized fine motor limbs called manipulators for the handling of tools.
  2. Specialized ambulatory limbs called peds for locomotion.

Peds by Number[edit]

  1. Uniped
    1. Gastropod
    2. Monopod
    3. Sciapod
  2. Biped
  3. Tripod
  4. Quadriped
    1. Tetrapod
  5. Quintapod
  6. Hexapod
  7. Septapod
  8. Octopod
  9. Nonopod
  10. Decapod
  11. Undecimopod
  12. Dodecapod
  13. Centipede
  14. Millipede

Peds by Type[edit]

  1. Craniopod
  2. Gastropod
  3. Monopod
  4. Pseudopod
  5. Sciapod
  6. Tetrapod

Locomotion by Environment[edit]


  1. Aerial Locomotion
  2. Aquatic Locomotion
  3. Arboreal Locomotion (Brachiation)
  4. Fossorial Locomotion
  5. Saltatorial Locomotion
  6. Terrestrial Locomotion (Ambulation)

Locomotion by Gait[edit]


  1. Ambulation
  2. Concertina Locomotion
  3. Hand-walking
  4. Jet Propulsion
  5. Jumping
  6. Kiting
  7. Knuckle-walking
  8. Lateral Undulation
  9. Metachronal Locomotion
  10. Parachuting
  11. Passive Locomotion
  12. Peristaltic Locomotion
  13. Phoresis (Riding)
  14. Rectilinear Locomotion
  15. Rolling
  16. Running
  17. Sailing
  18. Sidewinding
  19. Undulatory Locomotion
  20. Walking

Locomotion by Stance[edit]

Grade or Stance:

  1. Digitigrade
  2. Orthograde (vertical)
  3. Plantigrade
  4. Pronograde (horizontal)
  5. Saltigrade
  6. Unguligrade

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Evolution is a tricky thing and a very wide variety of evolutionary advantages have developed for different species. These include dual-use limbs, tails, headless torsos, and a very wide variety of ped and manipulator types. While humanoid body plans are very common on standard gravity planets, non-human body types are nearly as common in the same range of environments.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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