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Found Tools are one of the major developments of proto-sophonce and one of the hallmarks of TL-0 existence.

  • A Found Tool is an unmodified environmental object that is repurposed to serve as a tool, often using complex, abstract ideas, to solve puzzles or conquer challenges.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Sophontic Civilization which covers the rough time periods of TL-1 to TL-33, is defined by the technological development of a defined society using tools to make more sophisticated tools. Proto-sophonts begin the process at TL-0 as they use found objects within their environment as tools to enhance their natural, bodily abilities.

Found Tool Examples[edit]

Sticks and rocks are among the most common of improvised found tools.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Technological civilization cannot develop without the intermediate step of recognizing objects in their capacity as makeshift tools.

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