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The Tool Kit contains a set of tools to accomplish a specific task.

The contents of any tool kit should be balanced against its TL. Lower technology kits might contain more primitive or simplistic tools, while more advanced kits might contain sophisticated items such as gravitic rebalancers. The exact contents will vary depending on the size and weight of the tool kit: small kits contain the bare minimum, or may contain ingenious "multi-tools" with a variety of attachments and adapters. Tool kits come in four sizes: Portable, standard, tool chest, and workstation.


A smallest version of a toolkit is about the size of a book, and can be worn or attached to another pack. It generally masses 1-2 kilograms and costs Cr 150. It will contain the minimal required tools to accomplish the task, but no spare parts.


The standard tool kit is a backpack or carrying case, and can be worn or attached to another pack. It generally masses 8-10 kilograms and costs Cr 1,500. It contains all the tools required for normal maintenance and repair work, including spare parts.

Tool Chest

A larger, barely portable, set of tools in a large chest or case. It contains all tools, including some specialized tools for building or creating from scratch. Includes all common spare parts and some less used ones as well. Base cost is Cr10,000.


Is a room size (2 dtons) installation with several sets of tools. Include highly specialized equipment required to do fine repairs, construct new items from raw materials, and instruments to scientific research in the area. Base cost is Cr100,000.

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