Disguise Kit

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Disguise Kit
Type Tool kit
Tech Level TL–7
Cost Cr1,000
Size 8 liters
Weight 5 kg

The Disguise Kit containing the tools to change personal appearance on a temporary basis. Disguise kits of various complexity are often used by entertainers, whether to mimic a specific individual, or to convey expressions better to a large and sometimes distant audience. It can also be used to make a known person from being recognized, or make the person appear to be someone known to the observer. A basic disguise will fool only the most cursory of inspections but may be sufficient for dramatic purposes or in conditions of poor visibility.

The toolkit may contain some or all of the following: Large mirror, magnifying mirror, directable light sources, assorted cosmetics, wigs of various styles and colors, false facial hair (beards, mustaches, sideburns, eyebrows, eyelashes), bald caps, latex face-sculpting materials (false ears, false noses), colored contact lenses, false teeth, false nails, small props (earrings, finger rings, sunglasses), padding, inflatable body parts (bellys, breasts, biceps), tweezers, brushes and pads for application, removal and cleaning products, fat suit, concealing garments.

An early version of the Holomask.

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