Carpentry Tool Set

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Carpentry Tool Set
Type Tool kit
Tech Level TL–5
Cost Cr1,000
Size 60 liters
Weight 50 kg

A Carpentry Tool Set is a tool kit. It contains the basic tools necessary to cut, shape, and build with wood. Woodworking may include construction and repair of shelters, buildings, or furniture. Contains both manual and power saw and drills of different types, measuring tools, hammers, chisels, abrading and finishing tools, ladder (3m), tool belt and locking carrying case for all but the ladder.

Add Cr200 to cost at TL–8+ for electronic measuring tools and aids. More compact tool kits are available but have a smaller selection or quantity of tools.

The toolkit may contain some or all of the following: Measuring devices (tapes or rulers) and leveling devices (plum lines and spirit levels), setsquares, marking devices (chalk, pens), handsaws, power saw, hammers, nail puller, pliers, chisels, gouges, carving and marquetry tools, nail gun, small clamps, large clamps, wood rasp, smoothing planes, abrasive sheets, powered sander, router, hand drill, power drill, drill bits, punches, marking knife, draw knife, work bench, turning lathe, drill press, ladder, caulking, filler, glue, assorted screws and nails, assorted fixtures and fittings, goggles, gloves.

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