Security Tool Kit

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Security Tool Kit
Type Tool kit
Tech Level TL–5
Cost Cr300
Size 1.0 liter
Weight 2.0 kg

The Security Tool Kit is a tool kit containing tools necessary for repairing or bypassing malfunctioning locks and security equipment. Possession of the tool kit may require permit or registration on some worlds. Not all tools are required for a given task, but a full set covers most eventualities. Getting a full set usually requires acquiring individual items from a number of sources or access to a central training facility for this specialized task.

TL:0-3 & TL:4-6:
At low levels of technology, they include lockpicks and files for defeating mechanical locks, plus small pliers, wire cutters and a simple test meter for checking electronic circuits.

Medium-tech versions will include ultrasound, radio and infrared detectors and generators, and simple diagnostic readouts for rudimentary computer circuits.

TL:10-12 & TL:13-15:
High-tech versions will contain expert system diagnostics to help disengage recalcitrant alarm circuits, magnetic sensors, and basic biometric data generators.

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