Engrange (world)

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Engrange/Darrian (Spinward Marches 0425)
Milieu 1116
StarportC Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere5 Thin
Hydrographics4 Wet World 40%
Population7 Moderate (70 million)
Government6 Captive Government/Colony
Law9 High Law (no weapons out of home)
Tech Level8 Pre-Stellar (superconductors)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary M1 V M3 V
Worlds 10
Gas Giants 1
Planetoid Belts 0
Cultural Details
Government Captive government
Law Level High
Cultural Extension 8769
Army Size (BEs) 200
Economic Details
Technology Level 8
Economic Extension
Labor6Moderate (7 million)
Infrastructure8 Generally available
Importance Extension 0
Resource Units 480
GWP (BCr) 192
World Trade Number 4
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 1,180
Starport Details
Classification Class-C
Port Size 4
Building Capacity (Tons) 70,000
Port employees 90
Port passengers (annual) 1,000

Engrange is an agricultural world with an ideal environment for producing food from plants, animals, or other forms. The system has a population between 10 million and 100 million sophonts. The governance of this world is from Ilium (Spinward Marches 0426). It is a member of Darrian Confederation in the Darrian Subsector of Spinward Marches Sector. 10% of the world's population is the Major Race Aslan. 80% of the world's population is the Minor Human Race Daryen.

Astrography & Planetology[edit]

Engrange is a member of the Spinward Main.

Binary Solar System[edit]

Engrange Binary Star System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

M1 V

Primary Main Sequence 0.4574 2600 - 3500 0.033
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00475 0.01516 0.15 - 0.24 0.475 4.75
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

M3 V

Secondary Main Sequence 0.3942 2300 - 3100 0.02
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00404 0.01179 0.11 - 0.18 0.404 4.04
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The world was recolonized from Ilium (Spinward Marches 0426) in -40 and remains under Ilium's jurisdiction, though its population is fast approaching that of the mother planet.[2]

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]