Elize Papete

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Empress: Elize
Empress of Rule of Man
Born -2064
Ascended -2018
Died -1997
Preceeded by Hideki
Succeeded by Rival Emperors of Antares Imperium and Hub/Ershur Imperium

Admiral Elize Papete, empress of the Rule of Man, born -2064, proclaimed empress -2018, died -1997.

As governor of trans-Zarushagar province and viceroy of the Verge worlds, admiral Papete was one of the more powerful leaders of the slowly splintering Rule of Man. During Hideki's rule, Elize largely governed trans-Zarushagar as an independent state, paying little attention to the central government on Hub/Ershur.

Following Hideki's death, the Council of Noble Officers chose Elize to succeed him, knowing all too well that her rule would continue to encourage the centrifugal tendencies that had characterised the last half-century of the Rule of Man. Elize herself looked upon the Imperial throne as a largely ceremonial title, and spent much of her time in her provincial capital (Elize retained the governorship of trans-Zarushagaar when she ascended the throne). Government on Hub/Ershur was delegated to admiral H'sui Shen Liang, the vice-governor of Hub/Ershur province (as empress, Elize was nominally governor of Hub/Ershur as well as trans-Zarushagaar).

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