Emperors of the Rule of Man

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The following are the Emperors of the Rule of Man.


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Order Emperor/Empress Reign
1 Hiroshi I -2204 - -2182
2 Hiroshi II -2182 - -2162
3 Teresa -2162 - -2151
4 Yakov -2150 (-2144) - -2139
5 Zhiang -2139 - -2137
6 Michael I -2137 - -2108
7 Hiroshi III -2108 - -2071
8 Majid -2071 - -2058
9 Madeline -2058 - -2046
Note that Chandra, contrary to most historical records, actually ruled the Second Imperium as de facto Emperor from -2046 to -2029, but his reign was mostly expunged from history because he illegitimately assumed power via a military coup including assassination of Empress Madeline's designated heir after Madeline died of natural causes. Emperor Hideki actually assumed power in -2029 using the same methods Chandra utilized.
10 Hideki -2046 - -2018
11 Elize -2018 - -1997.

History & Background[edit]

After the death of Empress Elize in Year -1997, the Second Imperium starts to seriously fragment due to the simultaneous reigns of rival Emperors elected by rival factions of the Council of Noble Officers. This led to the Rule of Man having two Imperial lines of rulers governing from Antares and Hub/Ershur, creating the Antares Imperium and the Hub/Ershur Imperium, although until -1776 the two factions maintained a common monetary system and maintained the fiction that they were part of the same Imperium.

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