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Boyd L. Stone is a Traveller artist, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

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Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Bathysphere class Prospector's Cutter
  2. Beowulf class Free Trader
  3. Bubble class Fuel Cutter
  4. Bullfrog class Fighter Tender
  5. Caryatid class System Defense Boat
  6. Stormrider class Monitor

Image Repository[edit]

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Boyd's To-do List[edit]

LAST UPDATED: 02 Sept 2019 CE


  1. Atmosphere @ Atmospheric Equipment


  1. KEW Heavy Weapons
    1. Auto-Cannon
    2. Auto-Grenade Launcher
    3. Early Grenade Launcher
    4. Heavy Machine Gun AKA HMG
    5. Medium Machine Gun AKA MMG
    6. RAM Grenade Auto-Launcher
    7. Rocket Assisted Multipurpose Grenade Launcher
    8. Rocket Launcher
    9. VRF Gauss Gun AKA Very Rapid Fire Gauss Gun


  1. Amoeboid
  2. Bovinoid
  3. Jovionoid
  4. Silicoid
  5. Ursinoid

Ship Equipment: Engineering Compartment:

  1. Acceleration Compensator
  2. Acceleration Couch
  3. Alternative FTL Drive
  4. Collectors
  5. Drive
  6. Drop Tank
  7. Electronics Repair Shop
  8. Engineering Compartment AKA Engine Room
  9. External Fuel Probe
  10. Fuel Treatment Plant
  11. Fuel Tank
    1. Collapsible Fuel Tank
    2. Collapsible Tank
    3. Demountable Fuel Tank
  12. Hull Grid (Jump Grid)
  13. Jump Drive
    1. Lanthanum
    2. Zuchai Crystal
  14. Jump Governor
  15. Machinery
  16. Machine Shop
  17. Maneuver Drive
  18. Power Capacitor
  19. Power Plant
  20. Ship Fuel
  21. Solar Panels

Ships: Bigcraft, Largecraft & Smallcraft[edit]

Bigcraft & Largecraft:

  1. Arachnae class System Defense Boat Tender
  2. SI-049 Company Store class Mining Tender


  1. Tadpole class Fuel Shuttle
  2. Wart class Heavy Fighter

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