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A Fuel Tank is a kind of ship equipment in the form of a container designed to store fuel.

  • Fuel tanks are used by a great variety of vehicles, smallcraft, bigcraft, boats, and other vessel types.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Conventional fuel tanks are designed as a fixed part of a vehicle or ship. Hydrogen is the most widely used fuel within Charted Space.

Collapsible Tanks[edit]

Insulated fuel bladders may be carried in the cargo hold to provide additional fuel: they may may not exceed the total tonnage of the cargo hold. This fuel may not be used directly, but must be first pumped into the ship’s normal fuel tanks. When empty, they can be stored at 1% of their full volume. They may be installed at any class A or B starport in one week and cost Cr500 per Ton.

  • Fuel Scoops may be directly connected to a collapsible fuel tank.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Internal Combustion Engines tend to the first common fuel-using engines used by a sophont species. The earliest ICE engines tend to use hydrocarbons and refined petrochemicals as fuel.

By the TL:13-15 technological epoch, hydrogen becomes the most commonly used fuel in use by Fusion+ power plants.

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