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Imperial Army Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command ranks
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Commissioned Officers
O8 » Air Marshal (various grades)
O7 » Air Commodore
O6 » Group Leader (Staff Colonel)
O5 » Wing Leader (Staff Major)
O4 » Squadron Leader (Staff Captain)
O3 » Flight Leader (Staff Lieutenant)
O2 » Flying Officer
O1 » Pilot Officer
O0 » Officer Cadet (Flight Cadet)
Enlisted Ranks
E9 » Flight Sergeant Major
E8 » Master Flight Sergeant
E7 » Senior Flight Sergeant
E6 » Leading Flight Sergeant
E5 » Flight Sergeant
E4 » Crew Chief
E3 » Senior Airhand
E2 » Leading Airhand
E1 » Airhand
E0 » Airhand Recruit

The rank of Air Commodore (O7) is a commissioned officer rank in the Imperial Army COACC.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The rank of Air Commodore (O7) is a commissioned officer rank in the Imperial Army COACC. It is the lowest of the Air Officer Ranks (The equivalent of General Officer Ranks in other arms). An Air Commodore will typically be in command of coordinating all the close air-support and air defence assets for an Army sized unit, and that these units will typically be of Brigade equivalent in number.

The equivalent rank in the Imperial Navy is Commodore.

The equivalent rank in the Imperial Marines is Brigadier.

The equivalent rank in the Imperial Army GFC is Brigadier General.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The term Air Commodore indicates that the person holding the rank is the leader of an air unit.

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